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Jaquelyn always knew she was an artist and would stop at nothing to pursue her dreams. After some traveling through the west coast, she eventually found her home in South Florida, where she discovered her talent for tattooing. After only a few years of working in the industry, Jaquelyn is now one of South Florida’s most sought-after tattoo artists. From modeling to tattooing to becoming a business owner, Jaquelyn is here to tell the world that nothing can stop her.


"An artist is like, in the weirdest way, a cockroach. You can’t crush us. We will create no matter what."

We’re on Uncreative Radio with Jaquelyn Puma

Jaquelyn is an amazing tattoo artist and model, and luckily, she took the time to sit down with us and share some of her incredible stories.

On this episode of uncreative radio, Josh Miller and Jaquelyn Puma talk about art, Kobe Bryant, and the worst places to get tattooed.

Jaquelyn started tattooing later in life but has been an artist her whole life. When she was just a little girl her teachers would tell her parents of her unbelievable talent, and that’s when she knew she was going to her talents into her career. Although her parents are anti tattoo’s, Jaquelyn still mustered the courage and moved to Florida to express herself with some body art.

Both Josh and Jaquelyn agree that being a tattoo artist, especially in post-Covid society, isn’t exactly easy. From being in a very high-risk profession to having to tattoo “dude’s butts” Jaquelyn has remained true to her art.

My one wish is for everyone to be like yo, she died, and she was an artist… and she was dope.

Jaquelyn’s talents are not limited to tattoos. She also makes custom prints and masks that can be found on her Instagram page. You will also find a link to her Only Fans on that Instagram page, and that page is strictly to promote the art on her body.

Currently, Jaquelyn is doing tattoos at Borrowed Time Tattoo in Fort Lauderdale and selling her custom artwork online. In this episode, we’re letting Jaquelyn share her stories and ideas with the world. What art means to her, how she got into modeling and tattooing, and how close she was to Kobe Bryant the day he passed.

Tune in Thursday, February 18th at 6 PM ET for Uncreative Radio with Jaquelyn Puma and find out what a true artist does on the day-to-day.

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