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10 Years

Time.  It flies.  It’s hard to believe that we are already celebrating 10 years of C&I. A journey like this deserves some time devoted to looking back, seeing where we’ve come from, and looking ahead to where we are going.

10 years ago, Josh Miller was working with some small clients from his apartment in Washington DC, doing everything from small scale productions to VHS-to-DVD transfers.  After relocating to Florida, C&I began to grow, creating really solid connections to people in the community, and moving from office to office, before settling in at our current space in FAT Village.  Now, we are a full service idea agency, with the ability to do everything in-house, from web to video to photo to design to branding and social media.

And while we love our current space, we’re starting to kind of outgrow it.  So, today, we’d like to introduce you to our new building.  Just a few steps away from our studio space on NW 1st Ave., our new building houses all of our offices, and an exciting new opportunity for small businesses in the area.  Watch below and get excited with us.

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