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Art Walk Rules & Conduct

  1. Nothing may be affixed to any C&I Studios property.
  2. C&I Studios is not liable for lost or stolen goods / merchandise.
  3. Exhibitor is responsible to provide his/her own tent, table, extension cords, lighting, and anything else necessary for displays.
  4. C&I Studios can provide power and sockets for up to one 60 watt bulb per vendor . If the Exhibitor needs more power than this, the Exhibitor must provide their own power source.
  5. All setups and displays must not interfere with neighboring tables. All setups and displays must not block/intrude into aisles. All setups and displays must be stable and not pose a hazard.
  6. Noisy, dangerous, and harmful substances, supplies and/or equipment are prohibited.
  7. Inappropriate, violent, or offensive behavior and/or profane language will not be tolerated. Incidents must be promptly reported to C&I Studios staff member.
  8. The sale of adult materials is prohibited (more details below in Terms and Conditions).
  9. Because art walk is an event that emphasizes art in all forms, we prefer a variety of vendors that will be displaying/selling their original art in some fashion, rather than promoting a product or event that is not necessarily art-related, nor an original piece of art.

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