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Artist Profile STS9

Artist Profile | STS9

STS9's live-electronica jam culture is a frenzy of psychedelic funk and unbridled improvisation that seems to levitate the listener into a state of bliss. Their ability to create multi-dimensional sonic soundscapes imbued with deep layers of moody rifts...
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Artist Profile | Yaeji

Yaeji, né Kathy Yaeji Lee, is a Korean-American artist born in New York then later raised in two very different cultures: Atlanta, Georgia and South Korea. There is a certain charm to Yaeji that you don't come across often in the house music scene...
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D&I Dailies Episode 009

Dailies 0009

We love being in complete control of our work. Honestly, who doesn’t? But… full creative control isn’t a common luxury at most creative agencies. A lot have to outsource certain pieces of content or media that cannot be created in…

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