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Money is Power. Legacy is Immortal.

Becoming Immortal is the first television series of its kind. It is themed around the most successful Financial Wealth Advisors in North America—those who have helped industry tycoons earn billions of dollars over the course of their careers. Becoming Immortal is not solely about their money, their success, nor their many enterprises. It is about the legacy these men and women will leave behind—how they are dedicated to Becoming Immortal through family, wealth, and power.

This original series reveals the mental and financial fortitude required to build a legacy that will outlive money. It is not an investment show. It is about the personalities of the super wealthy; the behind-the-scenes Financial Wealth Advisors; the men and women who dominate their industries and don’t apologize to anyone. And it shows them meeting under lavish circumstances: a weeklong trip to America’s most vibrant and luxurious city centers to eat, drink, and share in the advantages of being untouchable.

Becoming Immortal invites viewers around the world to experience the lifestyle of the men and women shaping society and writing our history. Many of the Financial Wealth Advisors on the first season of Becoming Immortal will be meeting for the first time. They have clashing viewpoints, different political beliefs, strong personalities, and rival business interests. But they all share one common goal: to build the greatest financial legacy of our time.

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