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Sam Stan

Decorated with chocolate chip cookies and happy faces, Sam Stanʼs brand is as playful and positive as the music he creates. Stanʼs debut single “Happy Camper,” a catchy feel-good track, put his name on the map with a feature from Marty Mar of the popular Christian rap duo Social Club Misfits. “Happy Camper” sets the precedent for the tone of Stanʼs first album, Happy Raps, a collection of tracks that channel Chance the Rapperʼs positivity and energy (and conveniently Samʼs descriptor for his brand of music).

Following his recognition on Rapzillaʼs Freshman 15 after his debut album in 2015, Stan released “Coffee for Two” in early February, the first of two singles heʼs released so far this year. We had the pleasure of recording “Coffee for Two” live at C&I, where Samʼs energy made the production as fun as the product. Subtler than the tracks that came before, “Coffee for Two,” is a vibey, sway-in-your-seat type of song that talks about reconnecting with a love interest over coffee. ”

You can find Sam Stanʼs happy raps around Broward County and on these music platforms:

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