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Dailies 0015

A look inside life at the studio

Dailies 0015 marks a turning point. Not only will Dailies quite literally be shown daily (Monday -Friday) but they will be laser-focused on life inside the studio.

The first 14 episodes of Dailies were primarily client showcases. We would share our most recent work to shine a spotlight on a new brand or cool project we were working on for a client. Though you will still get some tidbits into that side of the business, going forward Dailies will focus more on our team.

Our team is what makes everything we do possible. We all pretty much share in evey project, which means we share in every success and every challenge. Since we do everything in-house, together, we have become a tight-knit group. Yes, hilarities ensue. Yes, we may seem out of our minds. No, we are not a public health hazard. Yes, you can click the button below to subscribe to our Youtube Channel.

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