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"It was just awesome to see this still of Mary looking dead on at the lens."

The Jewelry Shoot with Mary Danielle

Inspiration is random. You can’t always plan for it or seek it out. More often than not, it finds you, so you better be ready to receive it. The Jewelry Shoot with Mary Danielle was a product of random inspiration.

Clearly, we believe in acting on random and sudden inspiration. We also believe that things can be created without an agenda pushing us into action. Obviously, this production fits into our overall business strategy — create inspiring art that touches people and makes them think — but it’s also just something we wanted to create. We didn’t have an agenda when we hired Mary Danielle and set this production up. All we had was inspiration. And sometimes that’s all you need.

Even if we had no intention of publishing this production and sharing it with all of you, we would have still created it. You’d honestly be amazed at the amount of content you haven’t seen yet. Everyday we’re adding more and more. Not because our business depends on it but because we’re proud of it and we like sharing our art with all of you. So, sit back and enjoy Dailies episode 0051. You don’t need an agenda to watch it. But be careful…you may just find yourself inspired. 

Watch the Dailies. Then, check out Mary Danielle’s Model Profile.

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