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The Piano Shoot

Once upon a time, we created this space called Next Door at C&I. It is literally next door to our studio headquarters in Fort Lauderdale. When we first opened, we built a long wooden bar, decorated the layout with eclectic vintage furniture, built a smaller studio space in the back (known as Studio B), and even erected a stage for live musical performances. Amongst all of this was the crowning jewel: a massive floor-to-ceiling bookshelf stacked with over 3,000 books. And what a sight that was (and still is).

We wanted to give our community a cool place to gather. We wanted to share our art with them and embrace their cultures, too. And so we did. We hosted some really dope events (and still do) and collaborated on awesome art installations. When our peeps asked for caffeine, we invited Brew Urban Cafe to curate locally roasted coffees. And the South Florida community loved it!

But…eventually, there came a disconnect. The community began to associate the space Next Door with Brew Urban Cafe until the name BREW dominated our creative alcove. So, we switched things up.

We rebranded Next Door. We united the daytime atmosphere with the nightlife we were most known for. We dubbed the space Next Door and Next Door only and that is how it lives on today.

This shoot marked the resurgence of Next Door.

If you’re interested in seeing more of our recent rebranding, check out our portfolio. We created some really awesome photography that we think you’ll appreciate.


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