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Behind the scenes on the set of the Martin Lighting Ad

We’ve transformed our studio headquarters in many fantastic ways over the years, but none were as energetic and lively as the Martin Lighting Ad.

When Martin Lighting hired us to film their new commercial advertisement, we knew we wanted to portray their lighting gear in a very spirited capacity. We thought to ourselves, “what’s more stimulating than a vibing dance club?” And, thus, we had our setting. The only challenge: how are we going to rent a nightclub without eating into our budget…

Whenever we run into roadblocks like this, we often look to the resources we have at our immediate disposal. Sometimes it takes a bit of brainstorming and other times it’s much more straightforward. Well, this project practically spelled itself out for us.

We decided to transform our studio space into a nightclub using the products we were advertising for Martin Lighting. Not only did this create a gorgeous setting for their video production, but it also showcased their product in its best utility and helped save a fortune on production costs.

It’s funny, the true value of this production didn’t reveal itself until sometime later… when we ran into a similar roadblock during the filming of Christmas Eve. Throughout the production of this short film, we were flying back and forth between Fort Lauderdale and New York City. If you’ve ever traveled with all of your gear in tow, then you know how expensive this is. Needless to say, we needed an affordable and classy solution for one of the main scenes which happened to be set in an underground NYC dance club. The only problem, we didn’t want to fly back to New York just to capture this one scene.

This production, ultimately, became the inspiration for the dance scene in Christmas Eve. We knew we could recreate the atmosphere. We had done it once before.

Two models in a studio with some people in the background
Dailies 0060 the Martin Lighting Ad View from behind of concert goers at a concert basked in yellowish green light
Makeup artist with long blond hair applying makeup to a model in a studio with a yellowish light shining on them
Man basked in red light in a group of other people
View from behind silhouette of two video camera operators filming a concert basked in green light
View from behind silhouette of two video camera operators filming a concert basked in red light
Side profile of a video camera with man with a beard standing nearby with back to camera
View from behind silhouette of two video camera operators filming a concert basked in red light
View from behind of silhouette concert goers at a concert
View from above of video camera and five men talking to each other

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