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The Cigar Shoot

We started as artists before we became verified professionals.

Everyone does for the most part.

We find that it is important to respect one’s history. If it weren’t for our past, we wouldn’t be where we are today. It’s important to remember your humble beginnings (Not to say that “we’ve made it.” We haven’t. We have a ton more than we’re going to accomplish.). But recognizing the past lends perspective on what one needs to do in the present.

Our past teaches us that we need to respect the artists who are walking a similar path that we have already traveled.

To deliver on this promise — this respect — we often collaborate with underground artists who are grinding to break out in their career.

Sabela is one such artist.

We’ve worked with Sabela on a number of projects, including filming her “Love Jones” music video and live performances. Since first working with Sabela, we knew she was not solely a musician. Her talents beamed in all directions. So, one day, Josh called her up…

“Hey, what are you doing…yeah…come to the studio. I have an idea.”

What you’re seeing here is the birth of the Model Profile.

We work with tons of models — some more established than others. As a means of pushing their careers forward, we collaborate on shoots just like this one.

Some of our favorites collaborations have been with Mary Herman, Roya Zangoui, Mercedes Guttierez, and, of course, Sabela.

Our love for the model profiles eventually led us to collaborate with every type of artist, from photographers, hairstylists, guitarists, and much much more. If you’re ever interested in teaming up on a cool project like the Cigar Shoot, hit us up.

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