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The Becoming Immortal Shoot

We have a growth plan — one that has been in motion since 2012. At the peak of this growth is a new era of C&I Studios. This era is defined by original television and film productions. We are on the cusp of reaching this peak.

Following the premiere of Christmas Eve in 2018, we have invested more and more resources in the creation, financing, and distribution of original productions. For instance, we recently aired the complete first season of History Matters, which is now available for distribution and licensing.

Becoming Immortal is next in line for production.

This short reality series invites the world’s most successful wealth managers to come together during a week of opulent indulgence. Over the course of 7 days, we will travel alongside ten powerhouse personalities to the United State’s most notable cities to dine, converse, drink, and share in the aura of the megarich.

This series comes at a controversial time in history when the wealth divide separating the social classes is at its most severe. But people rarely pass up good entertainment…

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