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Happy Valentine’s Day from Miami… eh, maybe not so much.

While most people are clinging to love this Valentine’s Day, we found inspiration in love lost.

We understand (on a personal level) that breakups can weigh heavily on your thoughts. That they can carve sadness into your heart. And that they can reveal your inherent flaws.

Time still goes on during this period of despair, though. And, hopefully, during this time you learn from your losses, and mold them into something positive…

Fast forward through all the despair and bed-ridden, ice-cream wallowing and you’ll arrive at transition. “From Miami: I Love You” encapsulates the moment we see the silver lining of love lost.

You’ll awake one day and look back on your memories nostalgically — grateful that you were able to enjoy them with someone so special — in a place so special.

And these things will never be erased by a breakup. The places where you and your love frolicked will still show your tracks. Your favorite cafe will still have your usual table. The music venues you two jammed out at will still play your favorite music. Love is a place as much as it is a series of moments.

The “From Miami: I Love You” four-part mini series will take you through a journey of loss, appreciation, and love – from the good moments, and the bad – in the playground of former lovers.

Breakups are never easy. But, for those of you who are currently experiencing this sadness, we truly believe that each ending provides a new beginning.

So, take all of the emotions you are feeling at this very moment, and harness them. Shape them into something powerful. A new adventure awaits you (particularly, “From Miami: I Love You” episode 2), so don’t be shy.

– From C&I Studios: We Love You

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