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C&I is more than a production company. We are an idea agency. From working with you to conceptualize your campaign to actually executing it with our team of creative professionals, our goal is to meet your goals–and exceed them. We make every video production, every website, every photography campaign, and every branding project more empowering and effective than ever before.

Our Services Go Beyond Video Production & Photography

We create inspiring art with exceptional quality to reach Humanity 2.0.
We believe that media can be used to educate, empower, and inspire individuals to greatness.

Nothing communicates the feeling, the emotion, and the culture of a company or product like a video can. Video is everything.
Your company is professional, so your photography should be shot by a professional. Don’t be fooled by lucid apps. The knowledge of a professional photographer is unmatched. Background has a camera.
This is the first impression of your brand, people will check you online well before they visit in person. Your site needs to be current and on-point.
Branding The foundation of you company -- every product and every campaign -- is built off this step.
Your project needs to look and sound good. Music and voice is crucial. Media with bad audio is bad media.
Strategize months in advance to surpass your competitors, engage larger audiences, and maximize business goals every single quarter.
Conceptualize, create and employ a full strategy of engaging content that attracts readers, converts consumers, and elevates your brand on a daily basis.
Develop all of your media under one cohesive campaign for a wider, more authentic reach.

Featured Work

We take great pride in creating the best work for our clients and ourselves, while fascinating and impacting the world through creative experiences.

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This is the movement that echoes throughout our industry. C&I Studios are the new school, the trouble-makers, the rejects. This is our blog, our art, our air. Welcome to the inside.


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