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GhostPillow by Nature’s Sleep

A Challenge to “Go Viral”

GhostBed by Nature’s Sleep approached us with an open mind and a singular desire: they wanted a commercial that could go viral. We rubbed our hands together, had a meeting of the minds, and came up with a hilarious concept that highlighted their desire to communicate the comfort that a customer feels when using their new pillow, the GhostPillow.

Client Nature's Sleep
Date 10/09/2017

Having produced literally thousands of videos for an array of purposes over the years, we have our finger on the pulse of media consumption in a way that is quite unlike your typical agency. So a request for a “viral” video, while it might seem difficult to pull off for many, was a welcome request for us.

What turned up the heat was the fact that we had a single day to produce both the one minute spot, and shoot crisp product photography. We were excited to take on this challenge, and we were proud of the solution that we came up with.


After writing out nine concepts to choose from, we sat down with GhostBed and talked through which concept would bring about their desired outcome.  Knowing that ridiculous humor has a wide appeal, we chose to produce a concept featuring a mad scientist explaining the technology behind his creation, and his assistant doing the real work in the background.

This was no small production: it required us to cast creatures from babies to grandmas to sheep, snap some perfect product photos, and build a 10-foot tall pillow in our studio… and we only had one day for production!


In the end, we cut together a hilarious video that has achieved the client’s goals. The commercial has over 3 million views and counting, entirely positive feedback, and you might just see it playing on your next JetBlue flight.

We had such a blast producing this, and our friends at GhostPillow have seen an incredible uptick in their sales since putting this commercial out into the wild.

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