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Katy Seymour | @katyseymour

Digital Imaging Technician

A Little About Katy Seymour

As the Fulfillment Manager, Photography, Cinematographer, Digital Imaging Technician here at C&I Studios,


Katy’s unique approach and skill set have made her an essential component of company operations. Katy is a highly adaptive professional with a working style that allows her to affect great outcomes.

Katy’s introduction to video production began in the area of portrait photography. She honed her skills rapidly before moving on to master the discipline of cinematography. This fast progression garnered credibility for herself and respect from fellow colleagues, who saw her taking on more of a leadership role within the crew. Now Katy’s integral oversight and management span across not only our video editing team but various other departments as well.

Creativity is crucial to Katy because, even as a cross-departmental leader, she wants never to stop harnessing new skills; mastering lighting in the video realm is next on her hit-list. Her colleagues describe her as helpful, funny, reliable, and creative. In her downtime, she loves to bake. Her biggest influences in life are her mom and dad. They taught Katy to value hard work and to always know her worth.


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