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Professional Photographers

Dailies 0006

[Watch The Video] Professional photography and video production have always been the bread and butter of C&I Studios. And by that, we mean that that is where we made our debut into the age of advertising.
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Metalworking Design

Dailies 0005

[Watch The Video] Design is a primary function in every source of work we develop at C&I Studios. It influences the way we approach each project, from brainstorming to execution. It even applies to our sales team — salute to fashion design! (they dress to the nines)...
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Full Service Marketing

Dailies 0004

[Watch The Video] The design of our studio plays a huge role in bringing our team together. Actually, it is probably what encourages such an involved level of collaboration. From brainstorming to execution, we come together project after project.
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Event Planning Avengers

A2 Meets C&I

[Estimated Read Time: 3 Minutes] Community engagement through event planning has become a cornerstone of the C&I Studios experience. That’s one of the reasons we partnered with A2 Events. Our relationships with neighboring businesses, and our bond with the artists and people who come alongside us to further our shared mission is one of our strongest connections to the community.
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Dailies 0003

[Watch The Video] We are the fortunate few who receive daily instruction on ways to improve society, as well as daily lessons on how to improve ourselves. That is just one of the reasons we visit our clients in their natural habitats. If we don’t know where they are coming from, how can we expect to elevate their brands?
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Brew Urban Cafe

Next Door | Bay Doors

[Estimated Read Time: 2 Minutes] The best café in Fort Lauderdale is getting better. We’re always finding ways to improve Next Door to make our guests more comfortable. For our next project, we will be installing sweet glass bay doors by the railroad tracks at Brew Urban Café.
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For The Love Music Festival

For the Love Music Festival

For the Love is a true example of what happens when you manifest the hell out of your visions and dreams. C&I Studios and ExposedPR came together for a project that encompassed the love they cultivate for their community in a way that allowed everyone interested the ability to participate.
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