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C&I Studios Presents C&I Dailies

Over the course of 2018 we will be compiling a collage of behind-the-scenes footage called Dailies: (deɪ/liz); noun: video recordings, usually synced to sound, showing all the takes that were shot on a particular day. A new year calls for new introductions — well, a different sort of introduction. Dailies are your invitation to join our network.

We’ve been inspired to showcase the minds that transform C&I Studios into a storytelling factory. Whether they are people who have been here for years, like our cinematographer/media designer, Steve, or ones that have joined our mission along the way, they’re all essential.

Uniting so many voices and personalities to speak and act without fear is one of our inherent qualities — a quality that we hope to inspire within our community. We come together and use creativity to build ideas out of nothing. There is no secret formula to what we do, just a lot of hard work and more imagination than we can contain.

Between all the quirks and glorious nonsense we hope you’ll come to see that our mission is genuine; that we can’t help but do these things because they are truly a part of who we are. Dailies may reveal that we’re all leaning towards insanity; that we speak at a higher volume than most people; that we may not be able to keep our opinions to ourselves, but you’ll come to agree that those are some of the key ingredients that make our art so unique. We’re not afraid to show the world just how outlandish we are. It’s part of our charm. 🙂

Our work — our art — is the refined version of us. But no one is perfect and we don’t want you to think that we are either, so we’re showing you the raw, unfiltered edition of C&I Studios. Tune in, and subscribe to our Youtube channel for a behind-the-scenes look week, after week, after week, after week!

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