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The Industry | Episode 12

Back Roads & Dirt Roads

Our craft takes us all around the world.

Being able to experience so many cities in so many diverse countries is quite the privilege. Every location we visit has its own charm. Obviously. Honestly, though, when the people who call these places home invite us to experience their cultures firsthand…well, that is when these regions fully come alive.

In our latest business trip, our team landed in Ghana. We were working on video production for Willie Morris. While we were there filming, some of the locals guided us to sites that found their place in history through bloodshed: slave markets. Stepping back in time…it lends perspective on how blessed we are today. It’s just so shocking to see firsthand how primal and detached civilization was from basic human rights just a few hundred years ago.

Think about it…

People used to sell other human beings like cattle. Unfortunately, we still treat each other as such.

Though society has come a long way since then, the world is still wrought with its own stench of indecency. Surely, hundreds of years from now people will look back and shake their heads with how we have treated one another in the 21st century.

There’s still time to change our history, though. It will take a lot of loving and a lot of learning. But it is doable.

First things first… it is our responsibility to remember so we do not repeat the dark side of human history.

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