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Everything is Important. Especially You: Our Clients

There are no such things as insignificant details in our art once our lens is focused with inspiration and intention. There are no insignificant details anytime. That’s how we work, at least: everything is important. Nothing goes unnoticed. From strategy to execution, we have fun. Even when we peel back the layers to toy with the gears — guess what? — we have fun. The good times are just the silver lining.

We approach each project with extreme focus — whether that be a retractable desk, a calendar, or a campaign for one of our clients. When working with our friends next door, Brew Urban Cafe, for instance, no coffee bean is neglected. When shaping the language of the world with 76 Words, no syllable is overshadowed. It is one of the reasons our work is so obviously us!

Our Experiences are Your Experiences, too

We can’t help but share these experiences with you. Art shouldn’t be confined to our inner circles. Nope. Art is about throwing your voice out there and waiting for someone to shout back. If they like it — awesome! If not — awesome! Criticism is growth. Without it, there would be no development in society. Yes, that was an invitation to share your opinions with us.

Thinking back, maybe the reason behind all this “fun-having” is that we like our clients. Yeah, we said it. We know them as people, not as brands, so we can’t help but interact with them as friends more than our clients. That could very well be why our commitment to good art has proven to be fun time and again. We like to think that that shows in the way we spend time together; in the work we do together. As our friends, we want you to be just as proud of the relationship we share. Producing Dailies are one of the ways we show that excitement.

Did we just become best friends?

Subscribing to C&I Dailies could be one of the ways you share in that.

See you next week!

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