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The Industry | Episode 20

This Is What It's Like To Work At C&I Studios

Dailies is a flagpole for the creatives, young professionals, entrepreneurs, musicians, and misfits answering the creative call of the world. We’re confident we aren’t alone in this grind; we’re confident your hustle looks different than ours. Answering the creative call by creating cool art has always been our mission, which is why we wanted to show all of you what C&I Studios company culture is really like.

Every week we’ll be rolling out fun, short videos so you can see everything that goes into our craft. We’re always on the move, flying between cities and countries to film ongoing series, like #UNCREATIVERadio, working with wildly different brands that take us to far off places, and hosting community events, like Crew Call.

We hope you’ll watch Dailies as a source of inspiration, as a challenge to outdo us, as an escape from your boring career. Really, just enjoy the ride, because we sure are!

A new television series, the creation of #Uncreative merch, and more inside the grind at C&I.

This week, we finalized the artwork for a new television series called “Becoming Immortal,” put the final touches on our brand new #Uncreative merch, set up a rigorous production schedule, photographed a new film poster for a short titled “Juliet in E-Minor,” and answered the needs of all our clients. What did you get up to this week?

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For more cool insights on C&I Studios company culture, check out our #UNCREATIVE Blog! This is your best source of original content and thought-provoking ideas.

Becoming Immortal TV Series View from behind of crew member looking at video display with set in the background
BTS with the craftsmen at C&I Studios
C&I Studios Company Culture BTS Set of Becoming Immortal with a table of food, drinks and stacks of cash
Uncreative Merch Stack of gray Uncreative sweat shirts with hashtag uncreative written on it
Becoming Immortal A New Original TV Series Side profile of African American man sitting at a table with food, drinks, a candelabra and stacks of cash
Behind The Scenes on the set of Becoming Immortal a look inside C&I Studios Company Culture with a video display
Behind the Scenes with C&I Studios Cameraman taking picture on the set
C&I Studios Company Culture takes you behind the scenes with side profile of a long, blond haired woman looking at a video display
Dailies 0020 takes you behind the scenes on the set of Becoming Immortal with man pouring some champagne into a glass on a set with candles nearby
On the set of Becoming Immortal in this look inside C&I Studios Company Culture Beth Bryant, VP of Sales and Business Management, puts the final touches on the set
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