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The Industry | Episode 30

Mapping Music

Advertising Agency In Fort Lauderdale

On Set With One United Bank

It is said that nothing is original anymore.

This hold true…to a certain degree. For instance, there are seven basic plot structures to which every story abides to.

  1. over coming the monster
  2. rags to riches
  3. the quest
  4. voyage and return
  5. comedy
  6. tragedy
  7. rebirth

Within this framework, it could be said that the advertisment we created for One United Bank combines elements of ‘overcoming the moster’ and ‘rags to riches.’ Despite these recycled plotlines, however, there is originality in our art. What really sells it for this ad is the original soundtrack we created for One United Bank. Nothing like it exists. It stands alone. And it elevates the entire ad.

You see, when composed correctly, music is entirely original. There are infinite combinations waiting to be created. And that is an advantage we are proud to keep in house.

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