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The Industry | Episode 35

Nonstop Travel

Dailies Ep 035 Full Episode Mark Samuels Assistant Editor and Editor in a airport with luggage next to him

One Weekend. Three States.

Our video team is constantly on the move, which means our CEO is also constantly on the move. This weekend, they traveled to Los Angeles, Texas, and Florida to film three videos for three different clients.

Since the crew is regularly out of town on business, a certain rumor has began to take hold. So, we thought we’d poke some fun at it,

In response to the rumor:

  1. yes, the crew goes on vacation (they don’t)
  2. no, they are not working during the weekends (they are)
  3. yes, travel is a luxury (it’s not)
  4. yes, we always enjoy fancy dinners (if you count L.A. Cafe)
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