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Full Service Marketing

We’re a full service marketing agency, so when we work, we work together. Some of the best days on the job are when our team comes across their creations out in the wild. To see our marketers, producers, camera operators, graphic designers, and copywriters become their own audience is, well, pretty cool. It’s one of the many joys of having a full service marketing team in-house. 

Melanie and Gonzalo are proof of that. No matter which of our departments leads a concept to creation it is, and always will be, a collaboration that our entire team is proud of. The fact that we can hear all of their voices, and see all of their quirks in the ideas we bring to life makes every project unique.

Teamwork – Dreamwork

The design of our studio plays a huge role in bringing our team together. Actually, it is probably what encourages such an involved level of collaboration. From brainstorming to execution, we come together project after project.

We basically built a playground of creative spaces that appeal to each department’s artistic needs. And we did so without actually dividing any departments. For our full service marketing system to work, and to work effectively, we needed to focus the various components of C&I Studios into specialized workspaces.

Our Creative Spaces

There is the “Treehouse,” where our graphic designers and web developers shape the personas of industry leaders. From website creation, mood boards, logo development, and so on, they accent our clients’ brands with true personality.

Below that, there is the “Crate” where our team of camera operators, cinematographers, and video editors breathe life into our ideas (and invent quite a few, as well).

Outside that, there is the marketing team’s realm, which is like no-man’s-land (*dun *dun *dun). Conveniently placed between the Treehouse and the Crate, the Marketing Realm is the high traffic zone of C&I Studios. This is where one department’s shouting is echoed to another department’s attention.

Even when we film a video half a world away, it passes through these spaces before being presented to the world. This is the landscape of full service marketing.

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