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Speak to the art of design. Speak to the consumer.

Design is a primary function in every source of work we develop at C&I Studios. It influences the way we approach each project, from brainstorming to execution. It even applies to our sales team — salute to fashion design! (they dress to the nines) 😉

We constantly explore different strategies and limitations (or lack thereof), for each client. Why? Because you are all unique in your artistic vision (duh). Fortunately for us, design concepts hold no boundaries.

Whatever limitations may constrict one vision are solved via a different medium. We can either select the most suitable method for a project, or combine multiple methods to deliver on our client’s needs. Where graphic design might struggle, web development may thrive.

This means that when you become our client you have access to a wide range of crafts. …And if no one is studied in that craft (yet) then you bet we’ll stay up all night learning it for you. That’s the beauty of having a full-service marketing agency at your disposal.

A metalworking project for EDSA? Sign us up!

Take this design project for EDSA, a global architecture firm, for example. After our web developer, Marc Joseph, delivered on a killer website for them, they enlisted our COO, Ian Dawson, for a metalworking project, because… why not?

The fact that he had no experience in metalworking did not stop him from accepting the challenge. And, the fact that he had no experience in metalworking, meant we definitely had to tag along. We regularly employ the sink or swim method here at C&I Studios. It has proven effective so far… quite entertaining as well. 

Competition is healthy.

That’s kind of what’s cool about working with so many creatives. We continue to surprise one another with random talents. It is both humbling and extremely motivating.

We’re a competitive group of individuals, in that we challenge each other to strive for greater things. When one of us excels in a new craft, the rest follow suit — mainly, because we refuse to be left behind. We refuse to settle for second best. We’re playing an ongoing game of “leap-frog” — one person’s achievement is another’s encouragement. Our family grows more talented because we push each other to do more.

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