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In the beginning, we were Professional Photographers

Professional photography and video production have always been the bread and butter of C&I Studios. And by that, we mean that that is where we made our debut into the age of advertising.

It’s due time we give the leaders of our team of professional photographers a proper introduction… [cue insightful music]

The Dancer, known as Ian Dawson, is our COO. You may recognize him from C&I Dailies Week 5, when he knocked out that sweet, metallic sign for our client, EDSA.

The Licker, known around the office as Justin Mein, is our CMO. If you missed the article by VoyageMIA, don’t sweat it. This spotlight truly showcases his personality. 🙂

If you can’t tell…

These two guys grew up together.

They are two legs of the tripod that is C&I Studios. The third obviously being CEO, Joshua Miller (He, too, was involved in the making of many childhood memories).

These guys pioneered the concept of “An Idea Agency”

Which opened us up to a new creative frontier of advertising.

From professional photography and video production came a full-service agency.

With so many new creative departments there came a greater need to package our work for people around the world. Brand Marketing effectively became our newest enterprise, and with that, we were able to shape our art (and your business) for newer, bigger audiences.

“C&I is more than just a production company, it is an idea agency. We invent brand marketing strategies and create inspiring art through graphics, professional photography, video, web design/development, copywriting, and immersive media design to empower your brand like never before. All with exceptional quality to reach Humanity 2.0”

Wait, reach who?

There will always be a humanity 2.0 because there will always be the potential for society to do more — to make unique art — to stretch the status-quo.

Humanity 2.0 is progress (in the best sense).

The basis of our art is intended to challenge people to think beyond their immediate surroundings — into the lives of others.

We want you (our audience) to step out of your small corner of the world and embrace all the funky, outlandish, unexpected moments happening every day.

We know traveling to a different corner of the world is, well, a mission, though. That’s why our team of professional photographers are intent on bringing new cultures right to your doorstep. (check out C&I Reach for a glimpse into a totally different world.)

Photographers, Artists, Leaders

Justin Mein and Ian Dawson, and their team of Professional Photographers focus their lens with this intention. They disrupt tradition to encourage others to think outside the box.

We follow their lead.

Check out this short video then follow ours to Dailies Week 7.

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