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Company Culture [Coast to Coast]

We built our company culture around encouragement and perseverance. It is a hallmark of our brand.

Our industry can be challenging. It requires constant attention, and that demand can be discouraging.

Mistakes have been made. More are sure to follow. But a mistake is not a defeat. It is a learning experience. And that is something we pride ourselves on upholding.

We encourage our staff to push their creativity to the limits (and once they hit those limits we encourage them to find new ones). Perseverance is what we ask for. It is where our best work has come from.

Who? What? Where?

We are fortunate enough to attract some of the brightest personalities from all over the world. (Yes, we do in fact have a token British Project Manager. No business is complete without one.)

With locations in Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Los Angeles, California, and Baltimore, Maryland there is greater need to bring our staff together.

We need our entire business to work towards a common goal. That means a cohesive company structure and attitude, regardless of location.

But… location does make an impact.

Company Culture & Community

Our company culture grows with the community.

In order to be a part of something greater than us, we had to embrace our immediate surroundings first:

“When we first started this company we knew that the community would keep us honest, and that that connection would always bring us back to reality to keep us grounded.” (Click for Full Article)

This holds especially true for our headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where we orchestrate and plan community-wide events with other integral local businesses, like A2 Events.

This is important to us. We want our connection to the community to impact how we continue to build our brand.

That’s also why…

We work with our friends 

Building a strong company culture means supporting your friends. 

Like we said earlier, we attract some of the brightest, most creative personalities around. It is only right that we support their creative endeavors outside of the office, just as they support ours.

All in all, we want our company culture to enhance the community’s culture. 

So be sure to check out the events section on our facebook page. Who knows… next get-together could be over free tacos, video games, or even live music. 

See you soon! 

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