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C&I Dailies Episode 9

What Total Creative Control Feels Like

On C&I Dailies Episode 9…

What Being In Total Creative Control Looks Like

We love being in complete control of our work. Honestly, who doesn’t?

But… full creative control isn’t a common luxury at most creative agencies.

A lot have to outsource certain pieces of content or media that cannot be created in house. Sometimes that is the only way to deliver on the client’s vision.

In the beginning, we had to go through similar routes to get the job done.

Since those early days, however, we have put forth a lot of time and effort in solving that missing piece. Not just for the sake of the art we love to create, but also for original content we create for our clients.

To us, fulfilling that missing piece in our creative wheelhouse wasn’t an option. It was absolutely essential.

You see, for a while, we were outsourcing our music. It’s standard practice, but not something we were willing to settle for.

This was the typical creative process:

A client would explain their vision and we would create the means of bringing that vision to life [from top to bottom].

We would write original scripts; create storyboards of our own invention; find the right setting; the right actors; and produce the best context for the narrative. And that is just for our video production work

We would create and polish every element down to a tee… all except for the music. That portion we were forced to shop around for.

This drove us a little crazy.

C&I Dailies 009 Creative Marketing Agency In Fort Lauderdale Closeup of man using sound equipment

We don’t like duplicating anything. Just knowing that someone else’s video could possibly have the exact same soundtrack just wouldn’t cut it.

So, we brought a musical composer onto our creative video team to create original songs fine-tuned to meet each clients specific needs.

C&I Dailies Episode 9 spotlights our boy Egon.

His name is Egon Stone. Like Josh said, “He’s a genius.” Since bringing Egon on board we have copyrighted dozens and dozens of original tracks.

Every day we add to our library. And if all of that music still doesn’t satisfy your vision, Egon will be ready to compose yet another original track just for you.

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