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C&I Films | The River Cabin

The River Cabin

“The River Cabin” connects former lovers as they mend a broken relationship seven years after not speaking to one another.

Wes, portrayed by Roy Lynam, had shunned society following that harsh breakup. He exiled himself in a remote river cabin and drifted away from people. During his solitude, Sarah (his ex), portrayed by Elizabetta Fantone, pursued the love interest that led to their separation…

Until it, too, fell apart.


Unable to cope with impending loneliness, Sarah turns to the man she used to love, a man who knows only solitude because of her. After years without any contact, she disturbs the silence he spent years clinging to in an attempt to make things right.

Sarah’s pilgrimage to rekindle lost love, and correct the mistakes of her past are halted by Wes’s bitterness. Over the years, he had grown attached to his despair. He began to identify with it. And when forced to face his former lover, his loneliness immediately shifts towards hostility.

But pride cannot smother a broken heart forever.

“The River Cabin” portrays a journey of forgiveness through fleeting moments of tenderness and callousness. It seeks to answer questions of personal value in an age when self-worth has become a hyperbole.

By framing notions of separation and connection in a setting so desolate and private, “The River Cabin” questions the difference between physical and mental loneliness. How are they different? How they affect a person’s state-of-being? Do loss and love dictate personality?

“The River Cabin” answers these questions with another one: “is it better being alone, where no one can hurt you, or with the person you love even though it leaves you vulnerable to more heartache?”

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