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#uncreative Profile: Joe Perri

“#uncreative “…is our response the societal perspective that this generation isn’t creative. We think quite the opposite in fact. We launched these Uncreative T-Shirts for people to represent that concept all over the world. We want to shoot videos that highlight the spectrum of creative people all over the globe. We want to show what inspires them to continue creating when there are always so many road blocks along the way. This video features Joe Perri — a photographer of Puerto Rican decent, raised in South Florida, now based in Los Angeles — and his thoughts on what being a photographer means to him.

A lot of people talk about traveling. They want to see the world with someone they know or care about. When asked “What do you wish you could do more of?” people will most often answer with “travel.” That said, what makes traveling so precious? It’s the new cultures and the people within them that you connect with. Not the people you meet and smile at, but the people that you truly open yourself up to and genuinely connect with. We often get so caught up in our own lives, we forget to open our eyes and look beyond the arbitrary boundaries we confine ourselves with merely because we confuse complacence with comfort. As years pass, that box tends to get progressively smaller, until you find yourself encapsulated in a habitual prison filled with the same unchanging circumstances day after day.

So travel, take risks, but so do with intent. Do so, not just to see new places and new cultures, but so you can have the opportunity to be a part of the greatest adventure of your life and connect to those places. To those cultures. To those people.

So we didn’t just travel to LA, meet Joe Perri, and fly around DTLA. We’ve talked about life, had barbecues, talked about music, fear, and failures.

We think that is what is most precious in life: relationship with intent. Vulnerability. An understanding that this moment, is the perfect moment, so why not talk to the one-eyed bearded old man at the bar? Why not try out a couple of those Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans? Why not open yourself to exploring what life has to offer?

Take it from us, it’s worth the risk.

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