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#uncreative Profile: Roya

#uncreative started as a t-shirt C&I Studios launched in the Summer of 2014. We got tired of hearing people say that our town, our generation, or our ideas aren’t creative. We have seen some of the most innovative and creative things happen during our lifetimes, all done by regular people that start with a simple idea. #uncreative is taking a stand to say that creativity is what we make of it.

#uncreative has grown from that tee shirt design to be mission for us. We want to go around highlighting these #uncreatives that continue to inspire us and help showcase that anyone can be creative. We’ve seen everything from the birth of music players that fits in your pocket, to those mind blowing photographs taken with unprofessional cameras. We’ve seen that cool bar you’re unsure how to get into until the bed moves revealing a hidden staircase, and even how that dude built that brand from nothing.

This video features Roya Zangoui. She has been a friend of ours for a long time and she is a model. She has one of the most unique looks I’ve ever seen. She is Persian and currently on her way to visit her family in Iran. From her caring personality to working with children with autism, Roya uses her creativity daily to help people. She uses her platform as a model to send out a message of love. She is Passionate about the world and continues to find new ways to fight for real change.

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