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Ricky started his political career back in 2010 when he worked on former U.S. representative Joe Garcia’s first congressional bid. Since then, he’s been successful in helping shape environmental communications across the Mid-West and Florida. After years of working in communications, Ricky returned home to Florida to use his voice for fair health and working-class communities’ economic outcomes.

“It blows your mind that they’re drinking this kool-aid.”

We’re on Uncreative Radio with Ricky Junquera

Ricky Junquera is a proud Cuban American political activist who refuses to give up his fight to better his communities, even after losing an election.

On this episode of Uncreative Radio, Josh and Ricky discuss Capitol Hill, losing elections, and hair loss.

Both Josh and Ricky agree that what took place on January 6th at Capitol Hill was nothing short of an organized attack on American soil. Their conversation leads to questioning what happens if those who took place in the attack were minorities; how differently the mob scene would have been handled.We take a break to talk about the political scandals of 2020. The number of scandals was high. And this year, we all paid more attention, including the story of former Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillium and his Google search status. While Gillium lost the support of many, Ricky has an interesting point as to why he might still back his potential run for Florida governor.“I’m going to do Andrew a solid. In the gay community, he probably gained votes instead of losing them. …In the quietly vain community, it’s like wow. You go, man.”

As a gay man, I’ve been judged my entire life.

The issues that plague minority communities in Southern Florida are, perhaps, the real reason Ricky returned to his home state. In this episode of Uncreative Radio, we’re getting deep into those issues. What’s being done about the economic crisis? Who needs your vote? Who’s cooler, Pelosi or AOC? And why would Ricky Junquera voluntarily get all of his hair lasered off of his head?

You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers. Tune in on Thursday, February 4 at 6 PM ET for Uncreative Radio with Ricky Junquera to find out exactly what is going with our government. 

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