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Uncreative Radio: EP.109
[Airtime: 7.11.19, 6:00 PM ET]

Episode 109

Uncreative Radio
Live Airtime: Thursday, July 11, 2019, at 6:00 PM ET

Joshua Miller connects with Pavllo Zengo, the brand storyteller at Foreo, on this latest edition of Uncreative Radio.

When it comes to diversity in modeling and beauty the professional scale is tipped in favor of women (no surprise there). But how exactly do gender and sex impact narratives? Is there an underlying message subliminally attached to the male and female figure that cannot be severed? Why does the same word; the same phrase; the same connotation differ so greatly when applied to different body types? Though women lead the world of modeling and beauty is it all a byproduct of the male gaze?

Tune in Thursday, July 11 with Pavllo and Josh on Uncreative Radio Episode 109 for the answers.


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