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Uncreative Radio Episode 114

Sam Stan On Breaking Into the International Music Scene

Episode 114

Uncreative Radio
Live Airtime: Thursday, August 15, 2019, at 6:00 PM ET

Joshua Miller connects with South Florida Rapper, Sam Stan, on this episode of Uncreative Radio.

Sam Stan is a longtime friend of C&I Studios. We have worked with him on a number of creative projects from music videos, artist profiles, and recently on the debut episode of our Freestyle Friday series. We invited Sam Stan to the studio to talk music culture and the grind required to make it in the music business as an underground musician going against the grain.

Sam Stan isn’t new to the rap game. Though, he goes about it completely differently. He’s more focused on building a following and creating valuable poetry than he is on signing a record deal. That’s been his guiding philosophy and it’s working. Sam has been making moves, climbing his way up and establishing his name among some of our favorite artists. His style is reminiscent of Chance the Rapper but his lyrics are completely unique to his narrative. He’s blowing up on Spotify, exceeding 2 million hits on his single “Vroom Vroom.” And just released the EP Happy Camper. You can check it out here.

On this episode, Sam Stan shares insights on his creative process, how his music is being received by other artists, and the value of storytelling in rap.

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