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It’s not about what happens to you it is about how you react to it.

Uncreative Stories are a testament to unyielding courage.

We have met many passionate dreamers over the years (you may be one of them)… What we all have in common is that no matter what, when we stumble there is no other option but to keep going. We pick ourselves up, dust off the anger and apprehension and keep pushing forward. At times it can be scary, discouraging and even aggravating, but that’s not enough to ever make us retreat.

This series is about real people — the perseverance, willpower, faith, and love they showed to build the lives they envisioned. If there is one thing these stories have taught us it’s that in the end, we all have one choice: do, or do not.

Rob Lavelle made a choice. He chose to repurpose jokes and comments about his unhealthy lifestyle into fuel for change. He chose hard work and dedication to reverse a life of obesity, and in that he discovered limitless possibilities for happiness.


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