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10 Elements Every Animated Explainer Video Should Include

An animated explainer video can be a huge asset to any company’s marketing strategy, but only if the video falls into that sweet spot of being informative while also being entertaining.

But, first, what exactly is an animated explainer video, and what can it do to benefit a video marketing campaign?

An animated explainer video is a short, animated video that addresses the key points of an online product or service, typically in 60-90 seconds. The video is usually animated using characters and scenes to make it fun and engaging for their audiences. Think about that scene in the original Jurassic Park movie from 1993 where the animated character, Mr. DNA explains the creation of the park and its residents to the main characters (and thus, the audience). It’s a perfect example of a successful animated explainer video: it grabs the attention of its audience while explaining important information and continues engagement by being memorable.

Animated explainer videos can be extremely effective when it comes to highlighting new products/services or promoting special offers. Besides animated explainer videos, animated video marketing is also a popular method for attracting and engaging more of your target audience.

Animated explainer videos are great for grabbing the attention of many different target audiences. The animated video format is much more interesting and engaging than reading through a long blog or article. Just like any other video marketing, animated explainer videos can attract more potential customers to your business while also creating a stronger relationship with the existing customers.

How does animation benefit the explainer video?

Animation is more memorable than video clips with animated characters are more likely to be remembered by its audience. People remember animated videos because animated characters are created solely for that video, which means their personalities will resonate with the intended audience once they see it.

People also remember animated videos better because animated video marketing has less information overload. When an animated video is less cluttered than a video with real people, the animated video marketing has more time to get across key points of your product or service.

Now that you know exactly what animated explainer videos are and why they work, let’s take a look at 10 elements and tips that will guide you in making a successful Animated Explainer video for your company that won’t get lost in the mix of other animated explainer videos:

1- It should include animation

This one is pretty obvious, but an animated explainer video should always include some sort of animated character(s) to help engage the audience at first glance, and throughout the entire video. A simple animated character can do wonders for grabbing your target audience’s attention right away, making them more likely to keep watching until the end of the animated explainer video.

Animation can be extremely effective when it comes to helping your animated explainer video stand out amongst all of the other animated explainer videos on the web, but only if it is used properly. While animated characters are important, so is animation quality. The animation should be smooth and well-designed. It’s also important to use animated design elements that match the tone of the animated explainer video you’re creating. For example, if your animated explainer video is more of a serious and informative type (like an animated explainer video on how to use a certain product or service), then it’s best to avoid using animated characters that may distract from the main idea behind the animated explainer video.

2- A Strong Script

A strong and relatable script is the foundation of every animated explainer video. Whether you’re marketing your animated explainer video on YouTube, Facebook, or any other social media platform, a well-written animated explainer video will keep viewers hooked from start to finish. The animated explainer video script should be short and snappy, leaving your audience wanting more. This doesn’t mean that animated explainer video scripts shouldn’t include a main message or idea, but the animated explainer video script definitely shouldn’t drag on.

3- Keep it Short and Sweet

Another important element every animated explainer video should have is brevity. The animated explainer video should include all necessary information, but it should be quick to get through at the same time. As previously stated, a video around 60-90 seconds is usually a good length for this type of video. A long animated explainer video will lose viewers quickly no matter how engaging the animated characters are, so keep your animated explainer video short and sweet instead. Of course, animated explainer videos that are extremely short will also lose viewers just as quickly if they are not interesting or engaging enough.

4- Add some humor if possible

This is an element that animated explainer videos can easily incorporate through animated characters, voice actors, and/or animated video backgrounds. Using animated comedy elements will keep your audience on their toes while watching your animated explainer video. You don’t have to make them laugh hysterically, but a simple animated sound effect or animated character could keep your animated explainer video from being boring.

5- Keep the text to a minimum

While animated explainer videos are much more engaging than any other type of form of media, it’s important to use exactly as much animated text as needed. Avoid using too much animated text in your video. This isn’t to discount using captions, but we will get into that in a minute.

Moving text can be difficult to read for many and trying to pay attention to it distracts them from the rest of the video. Neurodivergent people who have dyslexia or ADHD, for example, may not be able to follow words that bounce and spin around the screen easily, and they may miss information that is being relayed. Animated text also doesn’t allow for easy translations into captions that benefit those who speak other languages or are either hard of hearing or deaf and cannot watch the video without captions.

6- Use Captions!

If animated explainer videos are meant to be viewed on the internet, make use of captions. Using animated text for captions is very helpful since you can add it in after completing your animated explainer video and edit them if necessary before publishing. Captions will help viewers with hearing or sensory issues understand what’s going on throughout the animated explainer video.

It also helps those who may not speak the same language as you and your company be able to translate your video easily, creating a larger audience for your business.

Captions also help viewers that are watching on their mobile devices, since animated explainer videos can be difficult to watch on a smaller screen or are in a public place and can’t listen to the audio out of respect of those around them.

7- Incorporate animated backgrounds creatively

When you’re animating the background of your animated explainer video, make sure it’s done with care. How animated video backgrounds are animated (with characters moving, animated text popping up, etc.) is just as important as the animated video backgrounds themselves. Too much animation can take away from the character the audience is supposed to be paying attention to, so finding the right balance is important.

8- Customize the animated explainer video to your business/brand/product

One way you can keep animated explainer videos more engaging than other animated marketing is through customization. While many animated explainer videos are just animated characters moving around on a plain white background, this doesn’t mean that animated video backgrounds have to be boring or simple. In fact, animated video backgrounds can add a ton of life to animated explainer videos when animated characters are moving around on them.

9- Use animated video stock footage for transitions between scenes

Transitions in animated explainer videos aren’t just limited to animated characters going from one spot in the video to another or animated text popping up and disappearing. You can also use animated video stock footage to transition between animated explainer video scenes. Using animated stock footage of clouds moving, animated text flying on and off-screen, etc. can help keep things interesting for your audience as you move forward in the animated explainer video without distracting them too much from the animated explainer video as a whole.

By using stock footage, you’re saving a bit of time and money while still including great content. However, it’s good to be sure you’re not going overboard with stock footage.

Using animated video stock footage too much can get annoying for your audience. Avoid using animated video stock footage just for the sake of using it and don’t use more than two animated video stock clips throughout the animated explainer video unless absolutely necessary. While it can save time and money, it allows your video to get lost in the noise of other videos that use the same footage. It also can overwhelm your audience with too many moving parts.

Using too much stock footage shows your audience a lack of creativity and laziness. These are not things you want to convey to potential customers with anything you put out, as it sends the wrong message and turns customers away from wanting to work with you.

10- Consider Using a Video Production Company

Many animated production companies offer animated explainer video services for clients that are interested in getting their animated marketing efforts off the ground. These companies can help you with any amount of work in order for your animated explainer video to be successful. C&I Studios is one of these companies that are happy to work with you in order to create an amazing animated video for your marketing campaign.

In order to create an animated explainer video that engages your audience and sells your product or service, you need to have a plan from the very beginning. Perhaps you don’t know where to begin or you don’t have the time in the workday to create a solid plan. This is where a video production company comes in. Professional video production companies understand the animated explainer video market, animated video trends, all kinds of video content creation, animated video stock footage usage, animated video voiceovers and how animated videos are consumed by your target audience.

Here at C&I Studios, we offer animated explainer video services to our clientele. We know animation, animated backgrounds, animated video stock footage, animated characters, and more. All you have to do is tell us the ideas you have for your animated explainer video, explain the goals you wish the video to achieve, and we can take it from there!

We offer many services for video production that will help boost your marketing efforts, not just animated explainer video production. You can take a look at every service we offer here.


In conclusion, animated explainer videos are animated marketing videos that typically use animated characters and animated video backgrounds to demonstrate a product or service. We’ve learned that there is more to animated explainer video creation than just having animated characters and animated video backgrounds, though. In order for an animated explainer video to be successful, it needs to include certain elements such as personalization and a strong script. We’ve also given you a few tips to making sure your animated explainer video is a success such as how much is too much animated stock footage and that using a professional video production company, like C&I Studios, can really help you with creating your video.

Contact C&I Studios here to see what we can create together to boost your company’s marketing campaign today!

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