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We are an idea agency that solves advertising challenges with innovative concepts and powerful in-house production. We develop ideas with a higher purpose and execute them with excellence for maximum growth.

What is C&I?

C&I is a combination of fresh, incredible ideas, the perfect team — who fears no project or deadline — and a little bit of magic.

It is tough to describe what C&I means to us because it’s more than a company. Being able to help business owners and corporations accomplish their marketing goals through storytelling is an incredible feeling, and we are addicted to seeing these campaigns work.


Doing the Impossible.

Boundaries are excuses. We have none.

Every day we rise, we set out on a new journey with the sole intention of pushing ourselves — pushing each other — further than we ever thought possible. That’s how we grow. Not just as individuals… That parts easy. Growing as a team, though. That’s much harder. It requires more love, more drive, more ambition, more selflessness than you can imagine. But that is what makes us unique.

We aren’t afraid to unite our clashing personalities — to open up to each other completely — with the sole purpose of creating incredible art.

Dreaming Bigger

We are all connected by the stories we share. Our superstitions, beliefs, and ambitions are evident in the characters we create; the desires that guide them, the faults that destroy them, and the themes that define their existence. Though the space in which we tell our stories has evolved beyond the communal fireplace, the emotions that our stories solicit remain the same.

Thanks to technology, our ability to wield the power of imagination is greater than ever before. We can build worlds, not simply through word or photography, or the union of the two, but far beyond that. So, what are we waiting for?


Story is King.

This video project began as commercial for our company and ended being something far larger. More than just a tool for promotion, this video explains a lot about who we are and how we are different. It resulted in a company motto. We love our jobs, the fact that we get to wake up everyday and do what we love is surreal to us. More than that, we get to help people promote and market their dreams.

Our Team

Our media professionals are the secret sauce of our company. They are the kind of people that fall asleep studying their craft, becoming better. Our team is actually the best. Period.

Staff Joshua Miller Headshot

Joshua Miller

Chief Executive Officer
Staff Mr. Miller Headshot

Mr. Miller

Chief Financial Officer
Staff Joseph Miller Headshot

Joseph Miller

General Manager
Staff Amy Miller Headshot

Amy Miller

Staff Beth Bryant Headshot

Beth Bryant

VP Business Development
Staff Brandon Headshot

Brandon Baker

Cinematographer + Digital Imaging Technician
Ciara Santiago Audio Engineer Headshot

Ciara Santiago

Audio Engineer
Iris Goehring Cistudios Staff Image

Iris Goehring

Executive Assistant to the CEO
Staff Member Headshot

Eliza Lopes

Production Assistant
May Wong Headshot Against Black Backdrop

May Wong

Regional Account Executive (China)
IU C&I Studios Page Staff Tom Van Headshot

Tom Van

Cinematographer + Multimedia Designer
Chris Kennedy Cinematographer Headshot

Chris Kennedy

Staff Headshot Marlene

Marlene Pena

Administrative Assistant
Jude Headshot LA Smiling For The Camera

Jude Andam

Hair & Makeup Stylist
Andres Colonna Video Editor And VFX Headshot

Andrés Colonna

Video Editor + Visual Effects Artist + Motion Designer
Chris Staff Headshot

Chris Acosta

Audio Producer
C&I Studios LA Bryan Chavez-Gonzalez Staff Headshot
C&I Studios LA Headshot Mike Kruger Staff Headshot
C&I Studios LA Dean Richards Jr. Staff Headshot
C&I Studios LA Brandon Cela Staff Headshot

Brandon Cela

Production Assistant
Daniel Stout Staff Headshot CIS

Daniel Stout

Web Developer
C&I Studios LA Charlie Thornton-White Staff Headshot

Charlie Thornton-White

Production Assistant
Gigi Headshot Posing For The Camera With Pink Highlighted Hair Smiling For The Camera

Giselle Mendez

Hair & Makeup Stylist
Staff DeAnna Kahn Headshot

DeAnna Kahn

Hair & Makeup Stylist
Janeth Headshot

Janeth Ng

Graphic Designer
Final Noemi Headshot

Noemi Lopez

Studio Coordinator
Staff Headshot Josh Simmons

Joshua Simmon

Business Development Strategist
C&I Studios Staff Headshot Aram

Aram Behshid

Production Assistant
C&I Studios Staff Headshot Eunice

Eunice Tan

Film Distribution Admin
IU C&I Studios Page Company Rocco Roefero Headshot

Rocco Roefero

Cam Op / Movi op
Jeremy Headshot

Jeremy Bassett

Production Assistant
Staff Headshot Joshua Hayes

Joshua Hayes

Company Crew Member Steven Perez Headshot

Steven Perez

Grip & Production Assistant
Staff Headshot Alec Schmitt

Alec Schmitt

Production Assistant

An Accomplished Creative Agency

with over a decade of recognition

We are more than a marketing and advertising agency. We are ambassadors to the creative community, paving the way for artists of all disciplines.

It’s why our work gets noticed as the product of An Idea Agency.

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