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Joshua A. Hayes



A Little About Joshua A. Hayes


Joshua A. Hayes is the Concept Artist & Illustrator for C&I Studios. His more than twenty years of experience have made him a specialist in figurative drawing and inc illustration. Over the years his work has been exhibited all across the US, his art used for print, publications, branding materials and other related elements.

For as long as he can remember, Joshua has held a love for art and design. His adroitness in the field is natural, intrinsic. All he ever thinks about is creating, designing, and strategizing. And he is constantly seeking out new ways to improve upon his skillset.

Most describe Joshua as a creative, genuine, intelligent, ambitious, skilled, and analytical individual. Those who know him are well aware of his addiction to tea, and will tell you he is always going above and beyond in his work. He is “extra AF.” Beyond his art, Joshua enjoys (several) cups of quality tea and spending time with the family.