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Chris Kennedy


A Little About Chris Kennedy

Chris Kennedy is a Cinematographer at C&I Studios.

Chris Kennedy is an important part of the C&I family. His background in film stems from experience in the camera departments of numerous film sets. His interest in film lies in capturing real moments in time, in motion. What he finds most captivating is how it differs to still photography. He believes most strongly in the power of film, the magic of it, then it is played back in front of him.

Chris possesses a technical mastery in the areas of camera technology and lighting. His ability to utilize both to craft a scene, as well as troubleshooting on the go, are what make him such an integral part of the team. One of his proudest accomplishments was in directing the film “The Promise.” The film was produced and shot entirely during the COVID pandemic, and involved the overcoming of tick and other wildlife infestations and braving the Florida summer with no air conditioning. In the end though, Chris and the team were able to create something truly special. “The Promise” has appeared in eight different film festivals, from Rome, to Italy, to California, and counting.

In his downtime Chris enjoys to scuba-dive and sometimes competes in salsa dancing competitions. His colleagues describe him as a smart-ass.


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