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The Art Of Visual Storytelling


Our professional photography services will present you with unlimited opportunities for marketing and brand growth. A single photo can be used in ten different ways, allowing you to modify your content and your marketing initiatives to capitalize on consumer trends. Unlike other professional photography studios, we handle every aspect of pre and post-production. All of our work is done in-house using our vetted and skilled team of producers, photographers, and editors, ensuring that you have complete control throughout the entire process. When you’re ready to outfit your business with a gallery of professional photography that will enable you to reach more consumers, tell a deeper, more involved brand story, and position your business for longterm success, we’ll bring the brainpower needed to reach humanity 2.0.


Professional photography services are something that no business can live without. When you’re engaging your consumers, you need media content that will allow your audience to see into and embrace your world. You can’t achieve that with just one photo. You need a gallery that tells your story the exact way you want the world to read it. If you have that, then you have the power to change perspectives and use consumer interests to your advantage.


more customers recall what they’ve read when photography is included in the content.


more articles are viewed because they included photography, compared to those that do not.


of online shoppers say that photo quality is the most critical factor in whether they engage or not.

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“We choose to work with C&I because they evoke a special feeling in everything they touch. The feeling of this piece is off the charts! We sat there after watching it with hearts pumping…tears flowing…and simply awestruck. Dammmmmmmm you guys are good!”

Todd & Vanessa Steinberg, Owners and Founders of Komuso Design


We are one of the few studios — if not, the only studio — that have empowered our photography work through videography. Since we use a fleet of RED Digital Cinema Cameras in all of our video production work, we came up with a revolutionary idea that equips our photography clients with the power of RED. When shooting your photography, we will treat the entire production like we would a feature film or commercial advertisement, so we don’t miss a single moment. From mastering the setting through lighting to using multiple cameras to capture every angle and every pose, we will deliver a seamless gallery that looks natural and feels organic but is of the highest quality in the industry. We don’t simply deliver photography of professional quality. We deliver super crisp frame grabs at 8k, 6k, and 4k resolutions. It’s like taking the best parts of a feature film to share with your community.

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If you want to showcase your latest product or create lifestyle appeal around your brand, then you need photography that tells your brand story the way it needs to be told. But you’re running a business. You may not have the time to dedicate to regular content creation. That’s where we come in. We’ll study your brand and research your industry, using all of our knowledge and expertise to plan a photography shoot that will showcase the best aspects of your brand. And the content we photograph for you will have multiple uses, allowing you to engage with your audience on every digital frontier, from social media to your website, email marketing, Google Ads, and more.

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During the proofing process, we will deliver a large gallery of photography for you to choose your favorites. The proofing gallery consists of every photo we shot during the media day. This process gives you a complete understanding of the type of media at your disposal. Our clients love this process as it allows them to pick their favorites and develop their own narrative.

Most of our clients diversify their image selection, choosing photos that not only deliver on their immediate and longterm business goals but also show the involvement of the production process.

Today, audiences want to be involved in the storytelling as much as they want to enjoy the final product. They want to see your hard work and learn from it. Because of this, we also offer a secondary service wherein we photograph and record behind the scenes happenings for you to share with your followers. This is extremely effective on social media and, in the long run, will provide you with the media needed to tell a more involved brand story.


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We use two of the industry’s leading photo editing software to deliver the highest quality media to our clients. During the editing process, we go into fine-detail to perfect every pixel in every image. In Lightroom, we make slight adjustments to impart consistency across the entire gallery. These include minor color corrections, lighting improvements, cropping, scale, balance, and clarity. This is the foundation to perfection. From here, we continue in Photoshop to edit on a significantly more detailed scale. In Photoshop, we will remove any blemishes, add subtle effects to guide the viewer’s eye, smooth the entire image, and apply any after-effects to elevate your entire gallery.


Trust that your audience lives vicariously through the media content you share with them. They want to be included in your company culture and embrace your brand’s philosophy beyond the text they read online. What better way to include them and empower them than to show your brand navigating the world’s most stunning landscapes and to invite them to be a part of the adventure? Not only does our team travel internationally to photograph for our clients, but we also offer a unique service that will take you and your brand to multiple countries for a photoshoot no one will soon forget. We call this the Uncreative Tour and it is the most cost-effective means of building of vibrant and diverse photo gallery that your audience will love.

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We will protect the lifespan of your media by storing your content in a secure vault of our own design. During the offload process, we will take all of your content, organize it, and back it up for lifetime storage. You will have access to your footage at any time, allowing you to revisit your media and edit new material such as social media promotions, event flyers, ads, b-roll for video, and more. The advantages of lifetime storage cannot be overstated, not only does this protect your media for the duration of your career, but it allows you to get the most value out of every photography gallery we master and deliver.

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