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Professional Photography
is more than a creative service.

“Marketers and brands are putting more and more emphasis on content creation.”

This is an understatement.

Professional Photography Services 1

Content is king — we’ve all heard it. But in today’s thriving landscape of information, it is not enough to just produce content and put it in front of viewers. Why? Because they will ignore it.

The demand for creative, engaging content is becoming significantly more essential and hard to come by. With content fatigue plaguing the majority of consumers, it is essential for brands to fully commit to producing stellar media. Studies show that the average internet user comes into contact with an estimated 5,000 ads per day. This is causing readers to simply tune-out. They are more quick to skip over your paid ads, pop-ups, and banners ads.

The situation is becoming more serious every day.

With the Instagram culture and the regular #ShotOniPhone challenges, everyone with a camera considers themselves a world class photographer. So what do they do? They flood marketing channels with even more senseless content.

What they don’t understand is that the tool is not what makes a photographer a professional (or lead to quality work). It is not perspective either. Nor ability. And not even technical prowess.

So what is it?

A professional photographer is a balance between all of those attributes, yes, but with a formula of dedication, empathy, vision, and understanding. Harness those qualities and the type of camera won’t matter. That is our philosophy (and it’s proven to work).

Because of this, our idea of professional photography differs from other creative agencies.

We have been in this industry for over a decade. And even before that, we were photographers by trade. In that time, we learned what were the most important steps in the photography process and what was simply industry fluff.

Our Photography Services Always Follow This First, Essential Step.

When working with a brand we completely envelop ourselves in their business. This means learning the trade, analyzing trends in the industry, thoroughly researching audience segments and curating a unique message that is distinguished from competitors. These are just the initial steps — all the time we spend getting to know our clients before snapping the first photo.

No matter the scope of the project, how prestigious the brand, or our relationship with the client, each new photography project begins with a conversation so we can fully understand our client’s goals.

The main question: what results does your brand need in order to succeed?

We put so much emphasis on the discovery session because professional photography involves more work than simply capturing beautiful images. Success is measured by how definitively we deliver on the goals outlined by our clients.

The baseline for any professional photographer is to produce beautiful, compelling images. We delve deeper. Beautiful photography is meaningless unless it provides value to the business. The final product should foremost and always reflect the goals explained by the client during the discovery session.

The discovery session.

This is the most important step in the photography process and decides a great amount of the work we will produce for your brand.

What are some common goals brands hope to achieve with content marketing?

  • To attract a new customer base.
  • To convert existing readers into consumers.
  • To move an audience through a content funnel.
  • To sell products on Amazon.
  • To sell a lifestyle on Instagram.
  • To distinguish services from competitors.
  • To curate a visually compelling website.
  • To kickstart an email marketing campaign.

Whatever leads you are working to generate, or whatever leads you are interested in converting will largely be decided by the content you put in front of readers.

Once we know our client’s goals we:

  • Conduct additional research on the status of the market.
  • Inspect the industry’s past and present marketing standards.
  • Study what competitors are doing to attract consumers.
  • Learn what type of content audiences are responding to.

Once we fully understand the client’s goals, their expectations and their style (which will decide portions of the aesthetic and setting) it’s time to ready the cameras.

To us, every project is a collaboration. We appreciate working with our clients on-set. We believe the experience should be as rewarding as the results. But every client is different, so whatever works for them is how we work.

Some clients prefer to be involved in the entire process (especially when working with talent and products). Being hands-on is okay. In fact, we respect the dedication. Business growth is personal and can be a bit nerve-wracking. If it is a client’s first time working with us, we encourage them to join us on-set. And no, they don’t have to be a silent shadow lurking in the background. If they choose to contribute, we listen. More often than not, when a client lends their creative vision we produce photography that is both beautiful, perfectly suitable to their style, and destined to produce results.

If the client wants nothing to do with the photography process, that’s fine too. In fact, it’s why we have such an involved discovery session before even considering the concept or the shot list. We are professionals. This is our trade. Our results are always consistent.

Our Creative Vision

We are on the pulse of media consumption. We read regularly. Interact with consumers when appropriate. And create always. We understand what people respond to and how they respond (and those responses are greatly decided by which stage of the marketing funnel the audience is currently in).

Remember that the new baseline for content is creative content. And what is better than a single person brainstorming? A team of informed professionals.

When you choose to work with our team, you will have a collective of artists eager to create some visually unique and branded images for your brand.

We got into this industry because we love to dream big and deliver. Especially when the client is adventurous and isn’t afraid to act outside the box.

There will always be the temptation to produce stock photography, or to photograph content on an iPhone or to hire a cheap freelance photographer.

Don’t buy into the hype. Bad content is even more harmful than no content. If a business chooses to invest even a single dollar in content creation, then it just makes sense to hire a team who knows how to produce stellar, completely original work.

Here are just a few examples of our professional photography.

There are various styles of professional photography. Your business goals should dictate which style you utilize in your marketing. Below is a list of clients we have worked with across multiple industries. Each gallery was purposed to achieve different business goals.

What can you do with your photography once it is produced?

Perhaps the most useful aspect of professional photography is its versatility. For instance, the photography produced to curate a visually compelling, branded website can also be repurposed to support blog content or uploaded to Amazon to sell products. The same does not apply to graphic design and video production. Both services have their own unique strengths, but when it comes to versatility (and essentially stretching your dollar to cover marketing essentials) photography should be a business priority.

The versatility of professional photography also helps businesses easily pivot in response to changes in the market and shift to productively respond to evolving consumer interests.

Return on Investment (ROI)

As we stated, content marketing is an essential frontier for all businesses who plan on competing for attention. And photography is an essential backbone for any content marketing strategy.

What exactly do businesses hope to achieve through content marketing? The answer: leads, sales, loyalty, audience growth.

“A recent study took into account the cost of hiring a content marketing team vs. creating a paid search campaign. For medium- and large-sized businesses, content marketing cost up to 41% less per lead than paid search. Average customer acquisition cost for a large company dropped from $108 to $64 per lead when they switched to content marketing. While it takes less time to get a paid campaign rolling, content marketing strategies generate over 4x more leads per $1000 within 36 months.’’

Furthermore, Hubspot reported that a high percentage of their blogs views (some 75%) and blog leads (some 90%) come from old posts, which stresses the added value of photography, which is a core element to any blog post. If a business is continually generating new leads from old content that has already been paid for and has already accrued value, then the rest is profit.

NOTE: If your blogs do not contain photo or video assets you need to make an immediate change. Visual assets are the new necessity for any popular blog post. Without them, you cannot hope to have your content shared or even read.

Our Photography Workflow

Discovery Session

Every project starts with you. First we want to hear about your business goals — what aspects of your business you seek to elevate through professional photography. Next we want to hear about vision. Though we are the creative experts, we love bringing our client’s ideas to life


Following the discovery session, our team will get together to brainstorm the best, most creative ways of making your vision a reality. Eye-catching content is a necessity. But so is content that achieves the goals you outlines in the discovery session. That’s why we involve our creative departments and marketers in every brainstorming session. It’s how we guarantee strong results.


Once we have a few ideas, we’ll draft photography concepts for your approval. Select between your favorite ideas and then we’ll work to create a shotlist for you to review.


This is a detailed list of all the shots we are going to incorporate into your shoot, including talent, setting, product, depth, lighting, and more. Once we’re all on the same page, we’ll get started photographing your project.


Now that we have a shotlist ironed down, we need to secure a location and the proper talent. We have an internal database of models for you to choose so your brand receives the best looking representation. We also have offices in L.A., New York, D.C. and Fort Lauderdale, and travel abroad extensively, so choose whatever setting you feel works best for your brand.


You’re more than welcome to join us on set during your photography shoot. Your input will go a long way in ensuring your vision comes to life exactly how we pictured it. Besides, we take a TON of photos during the shoot. We will take hundreds to make sure we captured every possible style and angle.


This is when you get to pick your favorite photos out of the gallery. Choose wisely and make sure you select an array of different shots. The more diverse your collection, the more marketing assets you will have at your disposal.


Now that we have your favorite picks, our photo editors will apply a little magic to make sure they are perfect. Then we’ll deliver your gallery of high-grade professional media to use at your business.


We are more than a creative agency. We have very skilled marketing team that knows how to get your content in front of the right audience. Besides, we love when our work inspires consumers to take action. If you need us to make sure your content is effective in the right arenas, we’ll handle it.

Just as we do our research before tackling any project, so should you. Below is a portfolio of our work so you can determine if our creative vision, style, and approach will help you achieve your business goals.

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