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Chris Acosta

Audio Producer

A Little About Chris Acosta

Chris Acosta is the Audio Producer at C&I Studios.


Chris Acosta is the audio producer at C&I Studios. He has a solid background in film that spans all aspects of the field from shooting and directing to post production and editing. What makes Chris a great asset within the team is his knack for figuring out how best to get a shot done. His practical approach to audio engineering makes for flawless audio renderings and seamless edits which invariably compliment the visual media it is being paired with. That being said, Chris is a humble person and possesses an investigative mentality. This mindset allows him to constantly challenge himself by harness news skills.


Colleagues describe Chris as a happy person. Outside of work, one of his favorite things to do is go fishing – although admittedly it is hard for Chris to pinpoint a fun-time activity because what he once did for fun he now does for a living.


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