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We are known globally as An Idea Agency because of our expertise in solving complex creative marketing challenges through innovative concepts that are powered by unmatched in-house production. Our entire focus is to develop ideas with a higher purpose and to execute them with excellence for maximum growth. Because of this, content creation is at the very core of our marketing process. No matter the scale of your business goals, we will furnish your brand with the power of originality, using thought-provoking media and expert ad placement tactics to boost conversions, recognition, internet rankings, sales, and other critical aspects of your business.


You need to put a plan in motion to achieve success in the complex world of marketing. Without a playbook to keep you on track, you will miss key opportunities. Our team will analyze the market, your competition, and your business to develop a detailed marketing strategy to achieve the best results.


Every marketing campaign is powered by content. And that’s the baseline. What you need is relevant, engaging, and inspiring media that speaks to your audience and represents your brand to a tee. Without these ingredients, you cannot hope to capture the market’s attention.


The large majority of the world’s consumers shop online, so it only makes sense to place your content where your audience is already interested in making a purchase. Unless you know how to read the data, optimize your content, and inject convincing CTAs to appeal to your base, then you’re whistling in the wind.

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We are a full-service agency specializing in branding services, content creation, web development, and marketing, so we often work with businesses at the very start of their lifespan. This is a smart business strategy as it consolidates your business’s earliest and most immediate needs while making sure they align with your short and longterm business goals. By planning your annual marketing strategy at the same time we are creating your logo, establishing your brand guidelines, planning your media productions, and building your website, we can perfect all of your marketing collateral, ensuring that your brand is telling a cohesive story from the very beginning. It’s impossible to secure this level of foresight and planning if you distribute your branding, content, and marketing needs to various agencies or freelancers. However, by bringing all of this in-house, you can monitor and optimize every aspect of your marketing to achieve amazing results.


First, we will design your logo. After studying your business, industry, and the market you will be competing in, we will have a keen understanding of a design that will resonate with your targeted demographics and accurately represent your brand. Once we present options and narrow down the best logos, we will fine-tune the design and modify it to be used on various platforms for consistency.

Various The Shop Logo in terms of Progression

With a finalized logo design, we will begin crafting your brand guidelines. This document informs internal team members of brand usage, ensuring that your team understands exactly how to communicate and present your brand to consumers. This explains and rationalizes text usage, imagery, language, design applications, and the core values that your brand embodies.


Once it is decided how your brand will communicate with the world, we will get to work creating beautiful media. In the early stages, this will be used to populate your website and market your business on social media and Google. In the longterm, this will create the basis of your brand’s narrative, which is why it is such an advantage to have these elements follow a specific style from the get-go.

Closeup of woman wearing glasses, gray hoodie and jewelry looking down leaning on a metal railing. Video Production Services
Headshot of woman wearing nose rings and jewelry as well as white top and beige hoodie
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Headshot of woman with curly black hair wearing black hoodie
Headshot of woman with long brown hair wearing gray hoodie posing for the camera by water
Headshot of woman with long brown hair wearing gray hoodie posing for the camera by water

Before marketing your business, you need a place to send consumers, which is why web development is a major aspect of marketing. If you understand your business goals from the very beginning then we will have no problem designing and developing a website that will deliver on your short and longterm needs. It’s safe to say that your website is your most valued storefront.

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Now that your website is designed to convert qualified leads, we can begin sending users to select landing pages purposed to deliver on your business’s most urgent needs. The reason digital ads are so effective here is that they cover three key phases of marketing: prospecting, conversion, and advocacy. These are the necessary stages that generate loyal, recurring participation from consumers.

Uncreative Digital Flyer Presentation

As more and more consumers turn digital, the value of print ads increases. This may seem backward, but print ads have a different impact on consumers: they’re harder to dismiss. Billboards and ad space in publications can have profound effects on your overall business strategy as they appeal to consumers you may not necessarily be targeting through digital marketing.

Uncreative Mockup Design on a billboard


At the heart of our marketing services lie content creation. You cannot hope to create brand loyalty amongst your consumer base without sharing fantastic content. Unlike other marketing agencies that will outsource your content needs to freelancers, we do everything in-house. Not only does this limit the amount of communication needed to get a project off the ground, but it also ensures that your content fits in perfectly with your marketing strategy. Furthermore, our team is vetted and accountable, so you can trust that all of the media we deliver will be of the very best standard. We also store all of your content for life, so at any point in your business’ lifespan you can revisit videos, photography, and graphic design work to repurpose brand new assets for the most current initiatives.

Content creation is at the heart of a successful marketing strategy. Hence, it’s the perfect time for every business, regardless of its nature, to invest in high-quality content creation and production to reach greater heights. Known as An Idea Agency, we provide businesses with exquisite creative marketing services in Los Angeles, NYC and South Florida to help them see what original, organic, and innovative content can do for their entrepreneurial success and realize what their business is essentially lacking. If you want your business to have boosted conversions, popularity, sales, and internet rankings, reach out to us for our creative marketing services today!

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Within the umbrella of content creation exists SEO Copywriting and Content Writing.

SEO Copywriting and Content Writing are two sides of the same coin. One helps to make your website searchable for keywords relevant to your business while the other aims to convert consumers and make them take a specific action. This makes written content, especially SEO Copywriting, one of the most essential aspects of marketing. Together, they teach search engines and content algorithms about your business, essentially categorizing your brand and ranking your publications based on the value they provide consumers and the steps they encourage them to take. The tricks of the trade for content writing change with consumer search behaviors so it’s important to adapt to new standards/expectations in order to stay on the front page of Google. For these reasons, you need a skilled team of writers and researchers who will learn everything about your brand and industry and frame these conversations to be both inviting and interesting. This goes well beyond blogging and the written content populating your website. Every representation of your brand, no matter if they exist digitally of tangibly, need to follow these standards to create effective marketing funnels.


We use a three-pronged approach composed of inbound and outbound marketing to develop your brand’s voice, enable authentic and wholesome interactions with your consumer base, educate and convert blog readers, and drive traffic to essential landing pages. Our methodology will teach your audience the value of your products or services, win over their interest, and encourage them to take action whether that’s making a purchase, reading more original content, sharing your blog, signing up for your newsletters, or following your social media. With all three of these systems in place, we can easily drive engagement, increase acquisitions, and generate profitable conversions with high ROI.


Every month, we will publish a collection of SEO-optimized blogs to increase your ranking on Google and move consumers through your marketing funnel. These blogs are optimized for keywords and phrases specific to your industry, business, and targeted demographics. With consistent blogging, we will increase your brand’s authority, making your website a major point of interest for consumers seeking knowledge and original content.


Social media is another rich space for organic marketing. Not only can we publicize your blog content for free, but we can also engage your followers in conversation to build upon the consumer-brand relationship. This is where visual content shines. Using original, stunning media, we will capture your audience’s attention and move them deeper into your marketing funnel while building community in the process.


Email marketing remains the most powerful methodology in organic marketing. No other marketing effort produces the number of conversions that email marketing does. It’s a direct line of contact to your consumer base — one that they read on a daily basis. Though emails are the hardest piece of personal information to get from consumers, they are among the most valuable.

Creative Marketing Google Analytics stats


To achieve your marketing and business goals in a favorable timeline, we prioritize reporting and data reading. 

Google Analytics teaches us a great deal about what is working and what isn’t. It shows us the type of content your audience favors, how users navigate your site, and when they choose to engage your CTAs.

The value of the information cannot be overstated. After just a few months of steady content publishing and reporting, we will have a detailed understanding of what is missing in your overall marketing funnel. And from there, we will fill in the gaps to pursue every opportunity.

The reason this is such an advantage is that it saves you time. The content you make will be the type that your audience enjoys. You will no longer waste precious time making a video or writing a blog that your audience won’t care for. And by comparing previous data with the most current you can track your audience’s consumption behavior to remain at the forefront of their interests.

Creative Marketing Google Analytics stats
Google Analytics stats



Organic marketing will only take you so far, which is why paid marketing is such an essential piece in the overall strategy. Whether your ad spend budget is big or small, even a few hundred dollars will put you in touch with consumers you may not have reached before. Naturally, with a larger budget, you can target the most qualified leads, re-engage interested consumers, extend your marketing umbrella to include more people, and maximize revenue and sales. But, just as organic marketing requires patience, so does paid marketing. Results will not surge overnight, but they will eventually snowball, and once they do, you’ll see that your investment was worth every penny.


The goal of sales prospecting is to move potential customers or clients through your sales funnel until they eventually convert into revenue-generating customers. In this phase, we will target the most relevant audiences based on behavior and interests. Then, we will create brand value and slowly introducing your products or services while ensuring your ads and articles are seen everywhere.


During the consideration phase, we build a deeper relationship with your prospects in order to introduce them to your products or services. This phase is more “product benefits” centric and will prioritize re-engaging users who have shown the most interest in your brand. The ultimate goal is to say top-of-mind by leveraging social media ad spend to retarget audiences based on their behavior and engagement.


During the conversion phase, we will drive prospects to purchase while strongly encouraging repeat buying via promotions like free shipping and high discount messaging. With Cost Per Acquisition in control, we can now scale your budget and drive more revenue. The main focus is to re-engage with users who are ready to purchase, which will ultimately drive sales revenue and increase ROAS.

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The analytics we gather and interpret tell us how we can modify your ad spend filters to appeal to different types of consumers as they journey through your marketing funnel. One of the best and fastest ways of fine-tuning your ad spend is through A-B testing. By running similar ads side-by-side, but optimized for different audiences, we can determine your strongest consumer segments and identify which stage of the marketing funnel they convert. From there, we can produce audience-specific content to funnel them through the sales process quicker and more effectively.

Going even deeper, we will specify conversion goals to analyze the points where consumers abandoned a sale and the points where they were sold to remove the negative aspects from your campaign and bring the positive ones to the forefront.

Google Adwords stats
Google Adwords stats

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