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Your branding is how you present your business to the world. It will remain every consumer’s first impression of your product or service and greatly impacts how successful you are in the earliest stages of business development. Unlike other content creators, we house a professional team of marketers, branding experts, and graphic designers who skillfully interpret audience behaviors and consumer trends to maximize your exposure in the short and longterm. It all comes down to telling your business’ story the way it needs to be told.

IU C&I Studios Page White Proctor & Gamble logo Graphic Design Services for Proctor & Gamble with dimmed background of canyon
IU C&I Studios Page Branding services for Komuso Design White Komuso logo with dimmed background of a bearded man blowing a whistle with a view of the sun setting in the valley behind him
IU C&I Studios Page Graphic Design Services for Lipton Iced Tea White Lipton logo with dimmed background with display of front and back of Lipton container
IU C&I Studios Page Graphic Design Services for YMCA of South Florida White The YMCA logo with two smiling women in plank poses in a gym
IU C&I Studios Page White Heart Piece HPP logo

“My wife and I have big personalities and even bigger visions for what we wanted to achieve with our brand. We didn’t want to be just another gaming outlet doing the same thing everyone else is doing. The team at C&I helped put a fresh, creative spin on our concept and really dialed in our wild idea to create something we can actually execute. Now we’re fully equipped to take the next step and start pushing our brand to our audience!”

Joseph and Desinia Miller, Founders and Operators of the Heart Piece Plus Podcast


Your logo will become the most recognized symbol for your business. It needs to be stunning and accurate to your mission, vision, and industry. This is a complicated process, not just because everything needs to be absolutely perfect, but because your logo needs to be simple. A complicated logo will complicate your brand. Whereas a simplified logo can be easily translated across mediums, readable in any format, instantly recognizable, and modernized at any point in your business’ lifetime. Needless to say, your logo is one of the most critical needs your business could possibly have. Think of it this way: you’ve already spent countless hours developing your business and preparing your operations for launch, so why compromise your immediate success by shopping around for a cheap graphic designer to develop your logo? Skimping on this essential step instantly forces you to fight an uphill battle.


A C&I Studios’ apparel brand that provides creative professionals fashionable and practical clothing for the everyday.


A C&I Studios’ music personality that creates original music, which can be customized and modified for creative and professional video productions.


A C&I Studios’ nightlife concept that serves artisan cocktails, craft beer, locally roasted coffees, and hosts creative events for artists in South Florida.

IU C&I Studios Page White The Uncreative Shop logo on background side profile of man wearing a gray hoodie looking down
IU C&I Studios Page Orange The Delorian title with background showing woman wearing shades in semi darkness
IU C&I Studios Page White Next Door title with background showing two women sitting in a restaurant by the window with martinis


The best brand building strategies are those that are consistently manicured to keep pace with consumer trends. Marketing studies show that it takes anywhere from 5 to 7 positive impressions for a consumer to remember your brand, so we make a point of pushing amazing content regularly. This where our graphic design services shine. When we design your brand, we provide a complete set of brand guidelines, which inform you and your team how to best represent your brand on any platform and for any purpose. And throughout our relationship, we will be dedicated to ensuring all of your content remains at top-quality to fully represent your brand’s mission as it matures. Having a customized branding manual will allow you to adapt your business to any circumstance while ensuring your public-facing image continues to gain recognition. This is our promise to you.


of shoppers prefer to buy new products from brands they trust.


of consumers prefer and authentic and honest brand personality on social networks.


77% of business to business marketers say branding is crucial for business growth.

IU C&I Studios Page Prospect Pros Brand Guidelines Black and white view from basketball hoop from below
IU C&I Studios Page Ball Cap Liner Brand Guidelines on display on a baseball diamond ground
IU C&I Studios Page Buddha Bowl Brand Guidelines Final Black plastic plate, fork, spoon and two shakers

When creating your brand, we will provide you with multiple logo options before narrowing down the exact look and feel of your brand. Different font types, font weights, and colors greatly impact subliminal messaging and clarity, making this step one of the most essential.

Once your logo is decided, we will provide you with examples of your logo in action so you can better understand how consumers will see your brand. This will give you a thorough understanding of your brand’s strengths and direct us towards the final product.

Before moving into your brand guidelines, we will also show you how your new logo will be displayed on various collateral, such as in social media format, on your product packaging, a storefront, a billboard, and so on.

Your brand guidelines will become your most trusted internal resource. As your business grows and you hire more team members, you will need to educate your employees on your branding. This will explain in detail how to build visual content, how to address your audience, which words to use and which words not to use, your tone of voice, core values, and more.

IU C&I Studios Page Logo Brand Brand Template with various images
IU C&I Studios Page Web Mood Board Asset with various images
IU C&I Studios Page Web Mood Board with various images
IU C&I Studios Page Cerebellum artwork
IU C&I Studios Page Sam Stan Performance Insta Page artwork
IU C&I Studios Page Sam Stan Performance Insta Page artwork
IU C&I Studios Page Cerebellum Art drawing
Top 5 Proven Tips to Brand Building on Social Media with various mockup displays
IU C&I Studios Page Christmas Eve Media Branding on various displays
IU C&I Studios Page Branding Social Mockup with various displays

You don’t need a full-fledged business plan to start building your brand. If you have an idea and you trust in it, that is more than enough. 

We like to start each relationship with a face-to-face meeting so we can share in your passion before putting pen to paper. This is perhaps the most important step in the brand development process. Discussing your vision, inspiration, and calling is the foundation of our workflow. If we don’t hear it from you, who else can lead us down the right path? When you’re ready to put your new business in motion, get in contact with our business development team. All you have to do is share your idea with us and we’ll take care of the heavy lifting.

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