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The Delorean: A C&I Studios Music Personality

Not many people know that we write and produce our own music for use in original television and film productions, as well as our client’s video work. But we do.

We’re not telling you anything new by saying that we’re most known for our video production work. It’s our bread and butter, sure, but it doesn’t capture everything that we do.

It’s strange… when you become so well known in a particular craft or discipline, people tend to confine you to that line of work. But the prism of creativity beams in all directions. It cannot be contained. That’s how we feel, so that’s exactly how we conduct ourselves. If we want to create something, we create. If we don’t know the skill, we learn it. If we don’t have a platform to use it, we build one. That’s how it’s always been.

The Delorean is our musical personality. It’s the cadence we walk to and the rhythm we think to. We branded our music identity differently because of you. If we named this side of our creativity “Uncreative Music” or “C&I Studios” music, then you’d say, “Hey, wait a minute, aren’t these guys pros at video and film production? What do they know about producing music?”

Short answer: A lot.

The Delorean is Uncreative Music

We are in the process of building a music library on our website.

We have well over 500 tracks ready for publication. Our team has been working tirelessly to create music that is suitable for any style of production. You can choose between reggae, hip-hop, classical, blues, jazz, symphonic, a broad range of genre-bending vibes, and a whole lot more.

Unlike most music creators/distributors, we encourage our clients to customize any song to their liking.

If you want to add lyrics to a track for use in your next video production, then we will mix it for you. If you want to replace the drop with heavier bass, then we will reconstruct the climax of the song. If you want to rearrange the buildup, then we will do that, too. Anything goes when you work with us.

We want you to feel connected to the songs you purchase. To us, music is personal. We believe that if you’re going to use one of our tracks, then you should have the privilege of making it your own. So, get excited about customizing the sounds to your next feature film, company profile video, or social media soundtrack. The Delorean is at your service.

The best part about customizing one of our tracks is that it is completely unique to your brand. No other business will have the same track as you. Check out this video we created for OneUnited Bank. We produced this soundtrack specifically for this video. It doesn’t exist anywhere else.

The Delorean Is C&I Studios Music

Uncreative Music is Your Music

Creativity is limitless. Your access to creative content should be the same.

Brands thrive through storytelling. If you expect to become an authority in your industry then you must be present, original, and engaging. There is no in-between. You either commit to your narrative and tell it how it should be told, or fall short of your business goals.

When you subscribe to The Delorean music library, you gain access to unlimited tracks. We offer various subscription plans that allow our clients to select and customize tracks; to use their personalized soundtracks in whatever capacity they need; to adopt a musical database unique to their brand and their brand alone; and much more.

Music plays a huge role in storytelling.

We created The Delorean music library because we understand the value of originality in branding. In our experience, music is integral to storytelling. Where dialogue falls short, music keeps the user engaged; where visual cues need excitement, music adds to the intensity. If you limit your creativity you essentially limit your storytelling. That’s how we see it. If your brand is going to rise in your industry, then you must engage your consumer base. Having a collection of original music at your disposal will give you a significant upper-hand.

The Delorean Uncreative Music
The Delorean Uncreative Music
The Delorean is C&I Studios Music
The Delorean is C&I Studios Music
The Delorean Uncreative Music
The Delorean Uncreative Music
The Delorean Uncreative Music
The Delorean Uncreative Music
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