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The Brand

Lipton Iced Tea is committed to bringing consumers sustainable solutions and innovations. We were challenged to create a new design for a potential new bottle. The proposed challenge called for a total reimagining of their current plastic design in order to make their product packaging more eco-friendly. Different approaches to sustainability were welcome as long as they showcased environmental consciousness. The use of recyclable materials was not required. However, the design and materials used would have to provide clear environmental benefits.


To grade our concepts, Lipton Iced Tea required that the results answer the following criteria:

  1. How does your packaging idea help people to engage in sustainability while drinking their favorite drink?
  2. How does your idea benefit environmental sustainability in the context of packaging?
  3. How is your idea different? How does it stand out compared to other sustainable packaging solutions available in the marketplace?
Display of container of Lipton Iced Tea with specs

The Design

Our graphic design solution was created to benefit both the consumer and the manufacturer. We were confident our sustainable design would appeal to the manufacturer because it would save their business shipping and production costs. To attract consumers — and convert them into loyal customers — we needed to design packaging that would not only embody everything they already know and expect from Lipton’s brand but also to present an attitude of environmental consciousness they could assimilate with. These were the core tenants of our design process — the creation of product packaging that would serve the consumer experience while alleviating specific monetary burdens for the business. This was only half the battle, however. Foremost, our design had to be approachable and attractive while improving brand standards and consumer loyalty.

Display of containers of Lipton Iced Tea with specs

The Results

We created two options, both of which suited Lipton Iced Tea’s brand guidelines and delivered on the required criteria. Each concept would attract consumers, clearly demonstrate environmental consciousness and bolster Lipton Iced Tea’s famous image in their own unique way.


Option 1 is dynamic.

It is designed to showcase movement and embody natural elements that lead consumers to fantasize of drinking Lipton Iced Tea. This design taps into experiential factors. We wanted to fuse sensation with nature. By doing so we added another benefit to the consumer experience: flavor, health, and green living.


Option 2 is crisp and delightful.

This design is bright, embodying the clean, natural flavor of Lipton Iced Tea. The minimalist design presents impactful information, showcasing Lipton’s attention on sustainability. This was purposed to attract new consumers and convert existing ones into loyal customers. Whenever a consumer drinks Lipton they would be serving the environment by helping to reduce waste.

Lipton Iced Tea label
Lipton Iced Tea product packaging redesign with nutrition info
Lipton Iced Tea product packaging redesign
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