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Monster Music

Monster Music is one of the leading sound and music engineers in the industry. Their history dates back 38 years. The legacies of household names, like Beats by Dre, begins with Monster as the key design, manufacturing, and distribution partner.


The advanced quality of their engineering disrupted the music market in incredible ways. Before the introduction of the first Beats, very few people were willing to pay upwards of $300 for a pair of headphones. Today, that is the standard, and consumers are willing to make the investment.

The Sound of Champions Video Series

Monster Music, in collaboration with Roc Nation, hired us to conceptualize and produce a video marketing series promoting their new line of headphones and speakers.


The Sound of Champions accomplishes two functions:

  1. it introduces a new line of state-of-the-art music products, showcasing various products without overwhelming consumers, and
  2. it reshapes the application and use of their products, situating their gear in the arena of health and fitness alongside relaxation and leisure.
Monster Music Athletes

To meet the standards of Monster Music, Roc Nation and their consumer base, we chose to create athletic showcases featuring star athletes in boxing and basketball.

The athletes are, ultimately, the centerpiece of our series, however, subliminally attached to their character is the presence of Monster Music products. This soft-sell elevates the series, creating a Nike-Esque marketing scheme in which consumers identify with the character and the sensation of using their products more-so than the product itself.


Featured in the video above is Luis Arias, an American professional boxer currently at work with Mayweather Productions. In the video to the right is another professional boxer, Guillermo Rigondeaux Ortiz, a Cuban professional boxer and two-weight world champion in the bantamweight and super-bantamweight divisions. The video below features former NBA star, Charlie Villanueva, a New York-born star of Dominican heritage with over a decade of actively playing in the NBA.


Each narrative is a chapter in a larger story. They are effective when viewed individually but are significantly more powerful when viewed as a whole. The message is simple: inspiration comes in many forms but determination often looks the same. Determination is a struggle — it’s blood, sweat, and tears. It’s taking the difficult road and facing each challenge head on.

The punchline: regardless of the path you take to find success, you need to create your own soundtrack. That is Monster Music way.

Closeup of Charlie Villanueva boxer wearing red boxing gloves standing in the corner of a ring
Closeup of Charlie Villanueva boxer wearing red boxing gloves sitting in the corner of a ring
Charlie Villanueva wearing headphones and black cap using a video game controller
Side profile of Charlie Villanueva wearing headphones and gray cap using a video game controller
Closeup of Luis Cuba looking down putting in ear buds
Luis Cuba wrapping his hands in a locker room
Side profile of Luis Cuba punching a boxing bag in a gym
Luis Cuba sitting on a red stool in a corner of a boxing ring wearing white hand protectors looking down
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