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Theorie | SeduA union of beauty brands that link grace, elegance, style & confidence to science & nature.
Science in BeautyA lifestyle curated by stunning hair products & salon-quality hair tools.
The Purpose

HauteHouse came to us to rebuild & consolidate the lifestyle marketing of two of their brands:


Theorie – an upscale, luxury brand that encourages women of all styles & hair types to radiate confidence by embracing their natural beauty.


Sedu – an exciting, anything-goes beauty line that defines identity & living with loud colors & rebellious imagery.


In this, we created a universal approach to support various marketing initiatives & media concepts that define each brand as “a moment.”

Defining Lifestyle
The Challenge

We needed to create unique, precise media that framed HauteHouse’s stylistic attitude while still portraying all the different ways of being beautiful & feeling beautiful. These ideas of beauty are refined & unique to the individual, yet we had to maintain a global identity – in both region & hair type – to appeal to consumers from various walks of life. It was important to highlight all the unique hairstyles, textures & colors to successfully market this wide range of consumers.


The rebranding of HauteHouse brands, Theorie and Sedu, also required a full product makeover. We needed to merge beautiful product images with scientific explanations of the formulas in order to successfully relay the message: “science in nature.”

HauteHouse Brands Theorie and Sedu

The Yogi

is at peace

HauteHouse Brands Theorie and Sedu

The Socialite

lives it up

HauteHouse Brands Theorie and Sedu

The Professional

makes moves


To successfully market these two beauty brands – brands that were unique in their audience & marketing application yet similar in style & attitude – we had to first provide an identity for each. This involved establishing an association between these brands & familiar sensations felt by the consumer. Our lifestyle marketing approach was a blending of curated media with the consumer’s experiences, memories, & desires in order to situate those feelings in the here & now, thus leading them to a purchase.


In effect, establishing the Theorie & Sedu brands as a state of being [you] opened avenues for more effective product marketing via email, digital, & social.

ALL HAIR TYPESImagery representing the [you] in lifestyle had to spotlight color, style, texture, density, length & movement.
HauteHouse Brands Theorie and Sedu
HauteHouse Brands Theorie and Sedu
HauteHouse Brands Theorie and Sedu
HauteHouse Brands Theorie and Sedu
HauteHouse Brands Theorie and Sedu
Sedu is a moment.
That's our Theorie.
Product Marketing

After selling the lifestyle we sell the products. This order of operations changed the way our consumers interact with our product marketing campaigns. In retail locations, the smell of a product may produce nostalgia & lead to a purchase. We needed to induce a similar longing in a digital medium.


To achieve this, while simultaneously strengthening our brands’ images, we associated HauteHouse products with nature & the environment of its application. The products’ association with nature solidified the organic ingredients & thoughtful formulas used to infuse them; whereas, the association with the environment & sensory application provoked nostalgia.


Our social media marketing campaigns involved uniting product & lifestyle marketing through video tutorials & Instagram stories. This established a greater brand-consumer bond, ultimately encouraging our audience to trust & value our messaging even more.


Both applications ultimately encouraged consumers to purchase a product, click through to a video advertisement, or subscribe to an emailing list.

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Selling HauteHouse Brands on Amazon
Science & Precision

HauteHouse brands lead the beauty industry with expertly crafted salon-quality hair tools. Our media & language was shaped to spotlight the superiority in each hair tool – the Titansculptâ„¢ technology, tourmaline-infused ionic technology, precision heat settings, ceramic plates, & heat-resistant textile cords. Our media was designed to help the consumer recognize & appreciate the craftsmanship & utility of each accessory.


This was crucial in ranking our voice above the competition. By defining Haute House brands as expert & unmatched by competitors, we attained a certain prestige, which we used to leverage greater results in product & lifestyle marketing.

Digital Marketing

We delivered the revitalized HauteHouse brands to consumers through a series of digital marketing initiatives. This focused strongly on email marketing, which we used to drive consumers to landing pages where they could directly make a purchase, as well as landing pages featuring collateral HauteHouse promotions, like Glossy Box.


Our email marketing strategy was an accumulation of featured products, how-to’s, insider-tips, scientific explanations of product formulas, & newsworthy content to promote the premiere of Theorie hair tools at Ulta Beauty.


By combining free, useful knowledge with product deals & discounts in the same eye-catching, easy-to-read packaging we converted more passive audience members into consumers and more active consumers into loyal customers.

HauteHouse Brands Theorie and Sedu
HauteHouse Brands Theorie and Sedu
HauteHouse Brands Theorie and Sedu
HauteHouse Brands Theorie and Sedu View Full Gallery
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