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Juicery RX is more than a lifestyle. It is the science of healthy living.

Through alchemy inspired herbal remedies, tonics, and elixirs, the nutritional scientists at Juicery RX create a dining experience that reconnects mankind with delicious preparations that purify, detoxify and energize.

The Purpose

Juicery RX, an organic cold-pressed juice bar, approached us with a desire to establish themselves as regional experts in nutrition and to drive more traffic to their store. We knew this would require a comprehensive approach, so we took on the challenge.


Our marketing plan focused extensively on high-quality photography and narrative-driven video production. Many nutritional health food brands focus their initial branding efforts on lifestyle marketing, however, for Juicery RX their passion for food and healthy living exists in the science of nutrition and the chemistry of combining raw ingredients. This was our angle. Portraying this unique scientific approach to healthy living was the basis of our branding campaign. Through extensive market research, we determined this brand personality would best represent our product in the market. After establishing the superiority of our product we could more successfully create a lifestyle attachment to the Juicery RX brand.

The Challenge

Juicery RX was the first dining concept of its kind in the area. Their business had no credibility in the market and no third-party recognition. We had to build their brand from scratch, which required a very focused marketing scheme. Combined with a broad range of content and a heavy load of information, this marketing strategy greatly depended on succinct, narrative-driven media and copywriting. Our success would be measured by foot traffic – brand-awareness that translated into customers visiting the brick and mortar juice bar. Because of this, we had to generate engaging social media content that would encourage our users to take action and dine at Juicery RX.


The secondary challenge was showing how the Juicery RX science translates into the final product. Their concept involves so much more than cooking with healthy ingredients to deliver on a promise of healthy food. It involves extreme precision, consistent measurements, expertly crafted formulas, specifically designed pharmaceutical grade supplements, and a deep understanding of the human body and how certain foods impact genetic expression. Explaining this level of expertise – of chemistry and anatomy – in our media while keeping our audience interested and engaged with our messaging was one of our greatest marketing challenges.

Marketing Solutions

We determined that a consistent social media presence would allow Juicery RX to gain the widest audience. We developed a solid brand identity through stunning imagery, detailed video production and confident, well-informed language. We used the owner’s background in pharmacy to fine-tune our unique voice, ultimately creating a tone that was elevated by proven science.


Once we established the Juicery RX brand as an authority on healthy living and holistic culinary action we facilitated third-party collaborations. We paired our brand with relatable businesses, like yoga studios and boxing gyms, to demonstrate the connection between our brand and its impact on other healthy lifestyles. These collaborations helped to spearhead brand growth and situate JuiceryRx as the regional expert in the industry.

The Results

We have been able to continuously build an interesting and attractive brand that has produced an engaging audience.  The numbers don’t lie, our monthly reports reflect that Juicery Rx is benefitting from significant increases in followers and engagement each month, and they have been benefitting from the increased foot traffic that has come into their location as a result.


“Love is the composition of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.”


“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.”


“The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.”


“If everyone was cast in the same mold, there would be no such thing as beauty.”


“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Emphasis On Science

The JuiceryRx methodology is a big selling point, and something we capitalized on to distinguish our brand from the competition. The level of scientific attentiveness that goes into the making of each product adds a lot of value to the company’s overall image. We chose to demonstrate this processes with eye-catching, ultra-specific media. Doing so strengthened the bond between brand and consumer, becoming the catalyst to our lifestyle marketing campaign, which really elevated our social media presence.

Chemistry in Nature

JuiceryRx’s mission it to purify your life through nutrition. This concept involves blending nature and science to elevate your diet. We showcased their application of potent herbal extracts and all-natural, 100% organic ingredients with a mixture of deeply saturated tones and vibrant colors.


The media tells a story. We wanted to walk the consumer from the farm where their food is sourced to the kitchen where their food is prepared. What came from this approach was a collection of intimate, delicate content that fully portrays the level of care and expertise exercised by the nutritional experts at JuiceryRx.

from farm
JuiceryRx Marketing Solutions By C&I An Idea Agency
to kitchen
JuiceryRx Marketing Solutions By C&I An Idea Agency
for you
JuiceryRx Marketing Solutions By C&I An Idea Agency
The Juicery RX Lifestyle
Juicery RX Marketing Solutions By C&I An Idea Agency
Juicery RX Marketing Solutions By C&I An Idea Agency
Juicery RX Marketing Solutions By C&I An Idea Agency
Juicery RX Marketing Solutions By C&I An Idea Agency
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