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Andrés Colonna

Video Editor, Visual Effects Artist, and Motion Designer

A Little About Andrés Colonna

Andrés Colonna is the Video Editor, Visual Effects Artist, and Motion Designer at C&I Studios.


Andres Colonna is initially from Caracas, Venezuela, and came to study film in 2013 and graduated in 2017 from Lindenwood University. He graduated with a double major in Film and Interactive Media & Web Design and a double minor in Video Game Design and Music Performance. Andres is ambitious and sets his mind to achieve his goals consistently. He enjoys staying up with technology and is always eager to learn new things daily. One of the most remarkable skills Andres brings to C&I Studios is problem-solving and accomplishing all tasks. One of the fantastic talents he has is the ability to sing and read music. Andres did a few operas in college, and it is a skill not a lot of people know he has. In his free time, he enjoys going to Disney with his fiancé, exercising, and staying active.


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