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3 Secrets to Great Storytelling Videos

The Top 3 Secrets For Storytelling Through Video

90% of people affirm that product videos are useful in their decision-making process.

With stakes this high, it has never been more pertinent for businesses and brands to seek every advantage in video marketing. One wrong move and your revenue taps could run dry.

In a bid to stand out, video content creators are focusing not just on the quality of production but also the content. No matter how good the cameras and editing are, if the material itself isn’t compelling, then it will be a dud.

Consequently, firms are investing heavily in high-value storytelling videos. But what are the keys to excellent video storytelling? Read on as we outline three essential pillars for your next great video.

1. Create a Hero Your Audience Will Love

No matter what medium is used to tell a story, there is one thing that stands true. Every story has a hero, and that hero ultimately plays a critical role in helping to build brands and communities.

When your audience is watching your video, the hero is more than a reflection of themselves. The hero is actually an expression of themselves in different contexts, and as such, they relate with their character.

Since the audience connects to the hero on a deeper level, the connection stimulates an emotional response in the viewers.

In light of this, you need to put a great deal of thought into your hero early on as you develop the story.

The kind of hero you bring to life will have the power to define both the audience you want to address and the problems the viewers face.

Your hero will also directly influence the tone your storytelling video will take as it reaches its point of resolution.

When you are thinking through your hero, you have to understand your viewers. A lot of targeted research has to go into understanding what issues concerning your audience the hero will reflect to connect with them.

In today’s world, you can use social media to gain insights into your audience and what motivates them. Through their online activities, you can accurately determine the aspirations of your target audience and build your hero on that.

Do not feel the pressure to create an extensive background on your hero. Instead, try to make it as easy for your audience to fill in the gaps about the hero’s background by using obvious character traits and signals.

2. Define the Problem

There is no great story if there is no problem to overcome. If your customer or product is the hero, then the problem becomes the villain.

Once the audience connects with the hero, they will pay attention to the problem at hand.

The driving force for them will be to avoid whatever issue you are portraying from befalling them like it has the character in the video.

To your audience, the particular pain point is an enemy to their happiness. When you set the ground using this tool, you are in essence, getting the audience in shape to be receptive to the solution that your video just so happens to have.

Just like with the hero you do not need to go into the deep background on the villain or problem.

You can also use obvious signals and character traits to help the audience instinctively understand them.

For example, a video advocating for bug spray will tend to use insects and pests that the audience does not like to personify the problem.

If the video uses a talking fly, it can add stink visuals to signal filth and dirt before serving up the solution.

One reason why having a clearly articulated pain point is critical is that it helps you place yourself in the audience’s decision-making process. You can point them to your solution.

As you craft, your problem remember that it has to be easy to understand. Plan to introduce it in the early stages of the video. If you’re doing a short form video, for example, introduce it within the first 30 seconds.

Do not overdo the problem so as to not overwhelm your audience. Use it as a hook to your pitch but leave some room to reel them in.

3. Reel in Your Audience

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So far you have introduced a hero who evokes strong emotions in your audience and you have set up the problem as well. Now the fun part begins for your video storytelling strategy.

The third piece in the storytelling puzzle is to deliver the solution with as much pomp as is practical.

When your audience began watching your video they endured the harder parts so that they could finally experience the desired outcome. Here is where you get to make your service or product stand out from the pack.

It is advisable for you to try and combine the problem you want to solve and the solution your product or service gives as close together as possible.

That way the audience is able to intuitively connect the two in their minds without having to struggle too much thinking through it.

In fact, if the arch in your story can focus on the bigger picture that is your audience’s problem you will strike a chord with them.

An example of this is when a payroll company decided to create a video on their software that chose to focus on real-life situations their customers face.

By showcasing relatable moments in their audience’s lives and seamlessly adding their solution, they hit home. The amazing bit is that they did not even have to talk explicitly about their product.

Remember that your goal is to influence the audience’s decision in favor of your product or service.

If you reel them in right they will talk about your story and even share it.

Learn How to Create Timeless Storytelling Videos

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Video is now firmly entrenched as king in the content marketing space. In the race for customer attention, many brands and businesses are investing in developing storytelling videos relevant to their mission.

A good story will hook your customers and reel them in ultimately growing your bottom line.

C&I Studios is an idea agency that thrives on creating media to educate, empower, and inspire greatness. Contact us today to find out how we can help you develop a compelling story for your business.

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